Dixie Landin

I have never been to Blue Bayou / Dixie Landing. They are installing a new Water slide and a new used Sinning coaster. I decided this year i should finally drive the hour and visit. Actually i am going to do a video on the place but that will take a little longer since the two new additions are not ready yet. Today is the first day of the season and there are quite a few unfinished things around the park.

Here is video of Extrem

Just a little on the park since i will be doing a major video.

The reason i came. To shoot video and ride the spinner.


here is the new slide " Voodoo "
Not ready yet


Some more painting still not finished on another slide


Nice little river run.


Of course who does not know what this is.


Sadly the new used spinner is not quite ready yet. Looks like maybe next weekend if all goes well. It did test and i got it on vid. maybe have that on Utube later. Also the vid of guest misbehavier.

I thought i would ride this today but not happening.


Thats it. just wanted to prepare everyone for the Blue Bayou / Dixie Landing Video. Soon as they finish the new stuff for 07!

While I wish you luck in your project, I hope you do Sam Haynes and his family justice and use better grammar.
A sinning coaster in the south! It be the devil in you, if you ever ride that thing. Which sin are they planning on themeing the coaster to? Hopefully lust.
A Sinning Coaster? Sounds like fun. Sure it's not going in the park across the street from that religious park we were talking about a few weeks ago?
Are ya'll perfect? Have you ever accidentally mi-typed or mis-spelled anything? You guys are assholes!
ya'll is sinners
Is this the coaster in Fear?
Dude this is my homepark and I actually have pictures of this thing and you are in for a good time at the park. It is mainly a water park and then at night the amusement park opens up but, I am getting season passes and might be there.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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Are ya'll perfect? Have you ever accidentally mi-typed or mis-spelled anything? You guys are assholes!

1] Yes we occasionally make spelling errors. Thankfully the webmaster has incluced the "edit" feature so they can be fixed. It's always a good idea to either a] proof-read your post before submitting or b] read it again after you've posted it and fix any mistakes you find.

2] None of what was said in this thread was mean-spirited. If people can't take a little teasing you better find another forum to participate at.

3] Calling us "a-holes" is a violation of the Terms of Service and a sure-fire way to get your profile deleted.

But thanks for playing ;)

Well, aparently I like to sin way more than i like to spin!

As far as doing the video justice, Probably will since you know point and shoot is much easier than spelling.

This looks much better on DVD quality than crappy youtube.Youtube and compressing the file to UL made it jerky and not so good looking. Here is an example of how good or bad you might think the video might come out. I thought i did pretty good with this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cd3V68KwhE *** Edited 5/7/2007 11:56:50 PM UTC by calcajun***

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Thank you, Calcajun, for proving you have a sense of humor and weren't offended by some teasing. If only villeneune had bothered to ask you before resorting to name calling ;)

PM me a P.O. box or address and i'll drop a dvd in the mail to you. It's high quality DVD video. compressing it and You tube just don't do it justice at all. I shot the video a matter of a month or so before the hurricane.

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Cajun - check your PMs ;)
Have ya ever thought that I might have a sense of humor, and that I'm a little bored with the same old crap? BTW, ban me, I don't care!
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Well...with all due respect Calcajun wasn't offended and since the teasing was directed at him and didn't involve you in any way, shape, or form there's really no reason for you to get so worked up.

One of the reasons I like it here is that people can tease each other in a friendly way. Don't like that? Then maybe it's time to find a forum that better-fits your sensibilities ;)

*** Edited 5/8/2007 8:52:27 AM UTC by Mamoosh***

I'm not worked up I just don't care! IT WAS A JOKE!

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