Dispute over ownership of Conneaut Lake Park heads to court

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Conneaut Lake's former park operator Gary Harris, who is free after serving 27 months in prison when he was convicted of racketeering and evading $115,000 in taxes in 1997, says he still holds a lease that gives his trusts control of the park's land and amusement rides. However, Herbert Brill, a trustee who is currently running the park as a nonprofit community enterprise, counters that Harris cut all ties to Conneaut Lake in 1997 with an act of "uncommon generosity" which resulted in the parks' bankruptcy filing.

Read more from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Why did the thought "glad I visited this year, cause there may not be too many more left for this park" pop into my mind when I read this?

Face it, call ourselves what we want, but to the parks we are all "GP".

it reminds me of the "old" magic springs, the paper trail on it is unbelieveable. the new (owners)park is clean, and upfront.

mmmmm. its so moist

They should just leave it with the Public Trust Fund. I don't want to visit a park that a criminal owns.

There is a discrepency over who paid for what, and who is responsible for utilities that accrued during his operation, along with local taxes. It is all formalities. Just visit the park and spend money.
.....and that's exactly what I'll be doing this summer! There are plenty of reasons to continue riding. Can't wait to hear the outcome tomorrow.
Brad's California Adventure: 8 days, 18 parks, 55 coasters, 2 TV shoots & a winner, Matterhorn!
Model coasters and rides
Why is the zoo not operating?
The Zoo was a contract operation, and an upcharge. It did its run, and moved on.
And now the old zoo site (at least a portion of it) remains and sits empty... abandoned and over grown in weeds. It is realy a creep looking place. You can get a good "ariel" view from the lift of Blue Streak.

Face it, call ourselves what we want, but to the parks we are all "GP".

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