Disneysea sets attendance record

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Walt Disney Co.'s newest amusement park in Japan welcomed its ten-millionth visitor since opening last year — reaching the milestone in the shortest time recorded so far, a spokeswoman said Monday. The new mark came Sunday, 307 days after the DisneySea amusement park's Sept. 4 opening, said Oriental Land Co. spokeswoman Marie Iwamoto. Oriental Land Co. is the Japanese developer that operates DisneySea and the older Tokyo Disneyland, which are built next to each other in a suburb of Japan's capital.

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Good job Disney! Now just build one here in Florida!

Top 10:
10)MF 9)Medusa 8)Raptor 7)DD Fire 6)S:RoS 5)Boulder Dash 4)Hulk
3)Beast 2)Nitro

Which goes to show that if you build a great park, people will visit.

Hmmm... I wonder if more people would care about DCA if it were this good??

"Hmmm... I wonder if more people would care about DCA if it were this good??"

Where'd you get that crazy idea?

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This park looks really cool. Disney says they have more land for theme parks in Florida. Hmmm... interesting.

Does this thing go faaaaaast!

DCA is only one of my favorite parks. I still don't see the problem with it. Great job Disney! Disneysea would be great for the next CA theme park.
I've never been to California Adventure, is it realy that bad. All I know it that the roller coaster looked realy bad.
No, the roller coaster is one of the best things there. It's smooth, incredibly long, intamin, i'd say it's a mix between a mini hyper (it's around 140 feet tall) and a looper. it's also got a cool launch on the bay with waves splashing as you launch (they're there for theming as well as to cool down the lims). the coaster's really good, there's an Okay wild mouse (good for a mouse but not disney quality at all), A very neat hangliding sim in a big dome (one of a kind sim), a really neat rapids with spinning drops (like in rct), a few good 3-d shows, some lowsy bread and tortilla making shows (the sourdough bread one was a bit too humourous), a very awesome animation exhibit, and there's going to be more soon like a kid's fair and a clone of Tower of Terror (with different theming to fit in with the CA theme and a slightly different ride system for fewer breakdowns). The admission price is very steep at 45 bucks but now So. Cal Adults get in for the kids price and kids get in free (which makes it a very good deal). I went to DCA one day and i was suprised by the low crowds, but the whole park was a little cheesy. I heard the christmas show was very horrible and people got hit with firework ashes. I'll go in 2004 once the park is more developed. It's nowhere near as bad as Al Lutz says it is. I'd place it between Epcot and MGM studios, much better than Animal Kindom is supposed to be.

DCA is bleeding money right now for the Disney company. I walk through that place and am just sickened at how cheaply everything was done. It has some good points, but mostly everything is terribly cheap and underwhelming. Grizzly River Run is an okay river rapids ride, but it is sorely lacking in both theme and story. Soarin over California could've been so much more than it is, with it's non-descript building, non-themed queue line and instant transitions in the ride film itself. The Animation building is the only star in the entire park, and it shows just how much money actually went into that attraction. Everything else is simply a carnival/off-the-shelf attraction that can be found anywhere. Where's the richness of California's history? Golden Dreams and that's it?!? Give me a break. There are so many stories and legends of California that could've been addressed in California Adventure that were simply ignored. That's the major problem with the park, none of the attractions tell a STORY. Disneyland is loved because of the innovative attractions and the stories that accompany them. DCA doesn't have a story. It's just simply a hodgepodge of cheap attractions with a terrible theme.

Hopefully this new record will show Eisner, Iger and Pressler that if they would just build us a richly themed and innovative park like Disneysea, they would have a HUGE hit on their hands, much like Japan does now. The Japanese economy is worse off than ours, and yet they still managed to set this record. True that the Japanese eat up anything American, but still. They recognized the quality of this park before it even opened. Quality is what Disney is known for, and Disneyseas is testament as to what type of quality the Imagineers can create without the pennypinching of the current Disney management.

The results of your IQ test came back...they were negative

Anyone who knows the Disney Japan situation will know that the Orient Land Co., funded and built and operates DisneySea with assistance from Disney.

Think of it as a franchise, Disney owns the franchise but Orient Land Co runs the store there.

Disneys own attempts of recent, DCA and the Studios at Disneyland Paris, are shocking examples of what will be built when you listen to Accountants and not your Patrons.

With Rumours of a third Disney Park, we can only hope they get it right this time.

If Lifes a Rollercoaster, I want a Flawless

As far as individual attractions go, DCA is great. I would compare it to a baseball team with several great players but a horrible record.

California Screamin is one of the most underrated and one of the best coasters in california. Not to mention it could have the worlds best capacity.

Soarin Over California meets all "disney standards" and more. it is truly amazing.

grizzly river run is far and away the best rapids ride I have ever been on. No other ride compares.

But are these three rides enough to make a great park? No. Yet as an annual passholder it works because I can ride these then go to Disneyland Park.

DCA has some great rides, but it just doesn't feel like a quality disney effort, particularly when compared to TDS. I'm sure that in time it will evolve into an awesome all around park, just as the Disney-MGM did in Florida after a rough start.

So Cal residents get into DCA for cheaper? That's not fair. Besides, what is considered the boundary line for "So Cal?" Is Bakersfield considered So Cal? Santa Barbara? Lompoc? San Luis Obispo? See, once you get to these parts, there is a gray area.

By law, they cannot make geographical distinctions based on lines that do not exist. Technically, there is no such thing as So Cal.

I made a big stink about this at Knott's a couple of years ago. They had something similar. I live in Norcal, but I argued with them that they can't give discounts to "So Cal" residents because if you were to look at a map or the US Census, nothing is classified as So Cal, even though we obviously know where it is. The manager came out, and couldn't come up with an argument. I got admitted with the "So Cal" price. The next time I went back, I noticed they changed it to all CA residents. That's more like it. I'd like to think I had something to do with that. =) I think a lot of other people complained about it though too.

So, you can live up in Redding or Lake Tahoe, and still get the discount. See, the bottom line is that they can only do something like that with a recognized boundary. If they had discounts for Anaheim (or Buena Park in my case) or Orange County residents, it would be okay, since those are recognized municipalities. "So Cal" is not.

It goes by zipcodes. Its shameful that someone would argue over an "unfair" discount. How can it be unfair, its not like you are being charged extra?

Yeah, but zipcodes don't specifically state what is in which area either. It's no better than the city name.

Why is it shameful? Wouldn't you be pissed if you went into the out of town McDonald's and got charged $2.25 for a Big Mac, and the dude next to you prances out of there with 2 for a dollar? Hey, we all want to save money. How can someone get the exact same product for less just based on his choice of locale?

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Hey, DCA could put a mini version in the south east corner parking lot! Hey, Cali-Screamin is beach themed....ocean would follow right?

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