DisneySea latest in a wave of non-US theme parks

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Disney will soon open its latest park, DisneySea, in Tokyo. The park is themed to "myths and legends" of the sea. It is the latest in a round of new parks opened by all of the major players around the world.

Read more from The LA Times.

Great, another park I haven't been too... Time to start saving up the pennies for an overseas jaunt! (A LOT of pennies, mind you!)

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I hope they build a park like this for the third park here in Anaheim. That would be awesome!!!:) *** This post was edited by racerbret on 7/30/2001. ***
I'm guessing that you could be right racerbret, but, I'm also thinking that this new park could include the fabled geyser mountain, since insiders keep saying they see prototypes and models, but only time will tell. Hey, we knew Califronia Adventures was coming a few years in advance, so maybe we'll see what it is soon.
disney sea sounds sweet!

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Neat! At the bottom of the article it lists future theme parks & opening years.

A Volcano themed coaster? Sounds like V:TBC, on the other hand, that's a Paramount ride. Maybe a R'n'R clone?
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I doubt Disney would spend all that time theming a new kind of park, and then drop a clone into it. Disney don't play that.

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This park sounds awesome. I hope they build one in the Orlando area.

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