Disney's Toy Story Mania

Wow! I looked at the press release video to the media, and this looks bad. You basically ride through the ride while playing carnival games on the ride. They are projected on video screens. Of course, this is just animation. The ride isn't open yet.

So, it's like playing carnival games through the whole ride. Put rings on the Aliens. Hit barnyard animals (like those ducks that move, and you have hit them.).

It's the video podcast. It's more towards the end of the video podcast (Midway Mania).

It comes from Inside the Magic:

Reports around the internet that those who saw some of it in testing (still at WDI) said it looked really good (though those who went through the tests with glasses had problems). Disney must belief strongly in the project as it has been reported they have told WDI to spend as much money as it takes to make sure it opens by mid-next year as they want it to be a signature part of rebranding MGM to the Pixar Studios. *** Edited 7/17/2007 10:39:30 PM UTC by Andrew***


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While I'm not excited about another film based attraction, I can't say this soon that ride looks bad. The concept art and animation is still in it's rough early stages and the final product should be as rich and detailed as a Pixar film.

The carnival games story line is odd and out of place for Disney/MGM Studios but that is only because the theme has been pulled from DCA's Paradise Pier's version of the ride.

I am actually looking forward to Disney's version of the Wii Experience. ;)

- R.A

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