Disney's Imagine... A Fantasy In The Sky!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 9:24 PM
Yaaaay!!! Is This True? That Disneyland Anaheim changed it's fireworks display??? Does anyone have a video of it?
Wednesday, June 9, 2004 10:51 PM
No video, but here's some descriptions and reviews, sounds pretty mixed. It's apparently only for this summer anyway until the 50th celebration kicks in:


Wednesday, June 9, 2004 11:32 PM
I hate fireworks with the passion of a million fruits, but I caught a glimpse of the last few minutes of this show on its first day.

It was nice. Loud, but nice. It seemed mostly white, from what I recall, which isn't what I'm used to from fireworks displays. I'm sure my memory about it isn't great, though, and I spent most of the show in Star Tours. I caught the end from its exit where there was no music or narration or anything like that.

In short, white, boom, loud, the end. Sorry this was useless :)

Thursday, June 10, 2004 11:46 AM
This isn't the same show where the little old lady says, "Remember to keep magic in your heart and always....believe..."

That was sooooooooo hokey!

The the fireworks were cool. ;)


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