Disney's domestic parks squeak out profit, international parks post loss

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Disney’s domestic parks eased restrictions in April, which led to a boost in attendance. Domestic parks reported operating income of $2 million. International parks posted a loss of $210 million. Disney had reported a loss in operating income in the segment over each of the previous five quarters because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Read more from CNBC.

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The slow roll back to park profitability isn't surprising, not because of attendance, but just getting everything moving again. I'm still surprised to see things not open or open less. It's weird to find Americans working everything in World Showcase. We've got our Ratatouille preview reservation for a few weeks from now, which I'm very excited about.

Also have to high-five Disney's general diversification, because it sure paid off through the pandemic. (Disclaimer: I have a few shares.)

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*high five* !!

The Decker multiple trips to Epcot festivals: "You're welcome Disney".

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Just need to rent a room or two at the LARP hotel and that should take care of the bottom line.

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