Disney's California Fiscal Adventure

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The LA Times takes a look at the business of building a park from the ground up in this special business report on Disney's new California Adventure.

Read the report on the LA Times Web site.

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Yes, it's a long article, but if you read only one business-related article this year, make it this one! A very interesting read. It sure sounds like Eisner likes to micromanage. That would drive me crazy if I worked for him.

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I couldn't work for someone like that either. Sounds like somebody is always watching you and if you screw up, you're gone, or at least raked over the coals. However, with that much cash on the line, it's almost a necessity to be anal about everything. I'm wondering if any ideas that he saw at IOA(which he visited in January and was very impressed with)will be stylized to the "Disney approach".

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