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Upon entering the park, I immeadiatly headed left towards Soarin' Over California. Where I discovered that only a handfull of people had qued. Needless to say, it was my first ride of the day.

Soarin' Over Califoria: Virtual reality flight simulator: As I took my seat and fastened my seatbelt, I couldn't help but be amazed at the technology in use here. The chairs lifted themselves up towards the giant screen and the flight began. Awesome!!! Truly amazing, this gives you the sensation and panaoramic view of flying, hang glider style, over scenic parts of Cal. I soon noticed that everyone seemed to be trying to "kick the Kayacker" as they flew over. Obviously they had all been on before. Being a first timer, I decided not to join in this particular ritual. Besides, it's only a film, I'd have felt pretty silly. Rating 9

Next I headed towards paradise pier, I passed Grizzly River Run and decided to give it a whirl.

Grizzly River Run: River rapids ride: Ok I'll admit this was pretty good. The themeing was great and the boats spun around wildly at times. Plan on getting wet on this ride. Rating 8

Next I decided to do the first of the parks two coasters.

Mulholland Madness: Wild mouse: Pretty much your average steel wild mouse coaster. A good bit of fun and a fair amount of air on the hills, but nothing to get worked up about. Rating 6

California Screamin': This is the parks big coaster, and it's a winner! The launch is fantastic, accompanied by music via the speakers on either side of the headrests. I love the voice that counts down the launch sequence. The rest of the coaster consists of an array of high speed turns and airtime filled hills, and one pretty intense loop. Great speed and intensity all the way through. The wait time was terrible though, due to only one side running. The seemed to be using the other side for some sort of POV footage. They had a camera situated in the front seat. Anyway great ride, and well worth the price of admission.

Maliboomer: Mini S&S tower: They were running only one tower during the early morning, and my patience was running thin. This tower isn't even half the height of Superman: Tower of Power at SFoT. I suppose it's intended to be some sort of family version of the bigger towers, but the lack of height really hurts this ride. I was totally underwhelmed. Rating 6

Golden Zephyr: I have no idea why I decided to ride this "spin em around and bore em to death" swinging rocketship ride. Ok for the kids, boring for the adults....dumb as hell for coaster enthusiasts! Rating 5

Made my way around to "A Bug's Land". Where there was only one attraction I was interested in.

It's Tough to be a Bug: Yet another 3d movie with special effects thrown in. This wasn't quite as good, or as long as Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. But it was entertaining nontheless. Ok 3d effects, and cool machincal seats which made it feel as though bugs were crawling on you! This time the film deals with charcters from "It's a Bug's Life", the Disney/Pixar film. There were moments like the spider attacks that were mildly amusing, and a bit scary, in a sqeemish sort of way. Rating 7

Next was a bit more 3d, this time Muppet style.

Muppet Vision 3d: Muppet antics in 3d. By now I'm getting pretty tired of all the 3d stuff at both Disney parks. This didn't even come close to holding my attention for long. Even with two robot hecklers in the balcony! "Hey, he's tryin' to drown us, what kind of an act is that?! An act of mercy!" BWAHAHAHA!...... Brother! Ok for the kids, dumb for anybody else. Rating 6

Who Wants to be a Millionare, Play It!: I gotta admit the set looks authentic, Just like the one on tv. Everything is the same as you've seen it on, the music, the tv cameras zooming in on babies (what's up with that anyway?). There's no Regis (of course) but there were a coupla different hosts who seemed well trained in the art of joking and gererally making asses of themselves, just like Regis. So, on with the show! I love the authentic theme music from the show here. Guests (including you!) vie for the opportunity to take the "Hot Seat" and answer questions in an attempt to win the ultimate prize of a cruise to the Bahamas aboard Disney cuise lines. Hey, you didn't really think they were going to give away a million dollars, did you? But the prize was cool nonetheless. Prizes for reaching the halfway point include collectable pins, basball caps, t-shirts, sweaters and mugs. Not money. That's the only difference, otherwize, it's exactly the same. As you sit in the audience, you play along with all the questions by pushing A,B,C or D on the littles pads located in front of all the seats. You compete against other guests, the guest who gets the right answers the quickest goes to the hot seat for a crack at that cruise. Each show lasts a half an hour, just like on tv. So, what are you waitin for, this is a chance for you to play your fav gameshow, just like they do it on tv. Rating 9

Disney Animation: This is a fairly interesting attraction that gives guests glimpses into the Disney animation process. Guests can add their own voices to scences from Disney films and such. I particularly loved the Walt Disney story theatre. Rating 8

Over all impressions: The park is a fine addition to the Disneyland area. It has plenty of attractions for the family. But, if there is a weakness, it is the fact the park has only a couple rides that true thrill seekers would be interested in, those being the parks two coasters: Mullholand Madness and California Screamin'. Soarin' over California is also worth the price of admission, but really loved being able play (well sort of since I didn't get to the hot seat) Who Wants to be a Millionare just like they do on tv.

Overall park rating 8

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Glad you had fun at DCA! Accually, Maliboomer is a standard size S and S Space Shot tower(s) most people are used to seeing the the much larger combo towers. But I really like Muppet Vision its hillarious!


Well, having ridden S:ToP at SFoT so many times, Maliboomer seemed rather tame by compairison. As for Muppet Vision, it was ok in a family sort of way I guess. I just wasnt' impressed after Honey, I Shrunk the Kids at Disney.


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