DisneyQuest at Disney Springs finally to close July 2, making room for NBA Experience

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DisneyQuest’s last day of operation at Walt Disney World will be July 2. The NBA Experience, which will include high-tech experiences, a restaurant and a store, will be going in its place.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

I'm shocked. (/sarcasm) On a slightly unrelated note, I saw that Universal is now giving everyone free parking after 6pm. I assume this is intended to help CityWalk compete with Disney Springs.

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They already had that for Florida residents, but I wish they'd go an hour earlier. When we go for BMG shows, we tend to get there early to pre-game a bit.

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They have been offering pretty good deals on Annual Passes for Florida residents lately. The midlevel pass comes with free parking and is the best option for your money in my opinion.


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Mr. Six said:

I assume this is intended to help CityWalk compete with Disney Springs.

I recommend the beef.

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I would think that even if I lived in Florida, I wouldn't even consider dropping $20 to park at Universal if I was grabbing something to eat or drink at CityWalk before 6pm (and wasn't going into the parks). I can't be alone. I wonder why they don't have a parking validation program where if you spend a certain amount at CityWalk, you can get all or part of your parking validated/refunded.

With respect to Disney Springs, the one article makes it sound like a royal pain in the rear to park there to go a theme park and save the $20 parking fee. But it really isn't, even having to transfer at a resort. For MK just take the first bus to any of the monorail resorts and you are right there. For Epcot or HS, take a bus to any of the Epcot resorts and you are right there. The only park that is a bit of a pain to get to is AK, but you can still take a bus to the AK Lodge or Coronado and transfer from there.

Now that parking is $20, I really wonder how many off property guests do work the 'free parking" system at WDW.

With the current state of DisneyQuest, I won't miss it that much. I was there on Christmas Day for my first trip there and even with Downtown Disney extremely crowded, there was hardly anyone in DisneyQuest. With all the removed attractions and other attractions closed or not working right, I was kind of disappointed by the place. The worst was going to Animation Academy a few minutes before the scheduled class time and after waiting 10 minutes past the start time, no cast member showed up to either have the class or say it was cancelled. I was glad I got to see it since some of the attractions like Pirates were fun but not worth the $45 it costs to get in (we used a Water Park Fun and More credit).

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I went to Chicago's Disneyquest a couple of times, and to the one in Orlando once. Never understood the appeal.

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tried to go to Citywalk back in the fall for Dinner on an evening when we weren't going to the parks. Was shocked that they charged to park in the evening (after one of the parks had already closed, and the other was closing in 30 minutes. Politely told the attendant that 8 of us (in two cars) weren't paying 40 dollars to park. We found a great meal off property.

Really thought that was a stupid policy (and could have sworn that evening parking was free in the past). Oh well, my mistake for not confirming ahead of time. Obviously, something has forced them to change their minds.

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