Disney/MGM Studios finally gets name change- Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney announced today that the new name for the studios park will be Disney's Hollywood Studios. The change is effective as of January 2008. Interesting that they are finally changing the name (it's been rumored for years hasn't it) and they are not putting "Pixar" in the name, as some theorized.
Has it been Disney/MGM all this time? I thought in the late 90's/early 2000's that it was changed to just "The Disney Studios".

There was a period there in the late 90s where they were in court with MGM and I think due to uncertainty they made some changes to printed materials, vacation videos, etc that hid the MGM name or just referred to it as the Disney Studios.

But, I don't think the change was ever carried out on property with signage or anything like that. If memory serves the big push for the MGM moniker had to do with, specifically, the Great Movie Ride. I think they were concerned they needed some of the bigger MGM films such as the Wizard of Oz.

In fact, outside of the GMR I'm not sure where else MGM films are even referenced.

Disney's Hollywood Studios? Wow. That's just lame. Most people just call it MGM Studios or (just MGM), so it's going to take a lot of marketing to "train" the general public to drop the MGM moniker.

I think I'll just call it The Studios from now on.

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