Disneyland's redesigned sub ride accommodates disabled guests

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When the “Submarine Voyage” ride reopens Monday at Disneyland, it will have a new story line, shiny new coral reefs and something not envisioned when it debuted in 1959 – an alternate experience for disabled visitors. The “Imagineers” at The Walt Disney Co. couldn't retrofit the hatches and spiral staircases of the original 52-foot submarines to accommodate wheelchairs. So they did the next best thing. The undersea voyage has been photographed with state-of-the-art equipment, and the high-definition images will be displayed on a 61-inch plasma screen in a theater designed to resemble an observation outpost.

Read more from AP via The Union-Tribune.

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Pretty cool idea...
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Now thats what I call Disney Imagineering
That's a really neat idea. In the back of my mind, however, I still wonder in this lawsuit happy society if there isn't a lawsuit waiting to happen because it is still not the same experience.
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There are limitations and there is precedent though when it comes to ADA. Some things just can't accommodate people reasonably. I'm pretty sure there was a case regarding someone who had both legs amputated who wanted to ride a coaster a few years ago. Obviously since most coasters use the lap as the point of primary restraint, there's just no way to reasonably accommodate that rider. Ditto for various "extreme" things like bungee jumping and skydiving.
This is a very clever idea! Heck, I could see myself wanting to watch it on dry land just to enjoy the photography! (And I kinda have this thing about closed in spaces... heh...) <.<
As the article points out, Disney didn't HAVE to provide this experience. They could've easily gotten around the law if they wanted to. However, it appears they wanted to do something unique so everyone could experience the ride. It's very refreshing to see a company go out of their way to make their attractions available to everyone - even if they don't have to.

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