Disneyland worker charged with having a destructive device following dry ice "bomb"

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A Disneyland employee was charged on Thursday with possessing a destructive device by prosecutors who said he was behind two small, dry-ice explosions at the California theme park earlier this week that prompted an evacuation of Mickey's Toontown. A Walt Disney Co spokeswoman has said the incident appears to have been a prank and that the theme park was working closely with local authorities.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is a massive overreaction? A kid pulled off a really stupid prank, and should certainly be held accountable, but for a half-million dollar bond? Seriously? He's a dumb kid, not a terrorist.

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Yes and no. Do I think he's a terrorist? No, I think he's just a dumbass. In this political and social environment though, people are flipping out and are scared. Overreactions always happen after big events like the Boston bombing, and they end up focusing on the wrong thing (prosecuting harmless dumbasses).

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This isn't some recent thing, the overreaction has been going on for a dozen years now. People "flipping out" doesn't justify anything.

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Right, but every time something new happens, we see the same resurgence of paranoia and fear. Then things calm down for a while, and then a new tragedy occurs and people just seem to lose rational thought.

This guy made a really stupid mistake. To face this kind of scrutiny for a prank is ridiculous.

Interesting you say this has been going on for a decade. I noticed it even in high school, come to think of it. There were a few absolutely harmless pranks pulled, and those students were suspended or expelled. I thought even back then that administration was overreacting, and it seems as though as a society, we're heading more towards this trend.

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"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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It's in the news all the time, especially over the last few years. Some punk decides to pull a prank like this, and then they are labeled a domestic terrorist.

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But he also had to know that, within the context of the times, what he was doing was going to be seen as more than "just a harmless prank." You can't yell fire in a theater, you probably shouldn't be putting things that go boom in a crowded amusement park.

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I don't think anyone suggests that he shouldn't be held accountable, but the reaction and potential punishment is completely disproportional to the act.

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Was it a stupid thing to do? Definitely. Could someone been hurt by this action? If they had been right on top of it, probably. He obviously didn't think things out very well when he did this, and there are consequences to his actions. It's just that in this day and age everybody is more than a bit jumpy when something unexpected goes boom.

I'm failing to see the overreaction here. I can understand thinking $500,000 is a bit high, but he's only been charged with one count of the complaint and not two, Disney hasn't even fired the guy yet, and the only mention of the word terrorist I've seen so far has been from people saying he's not one.

Is there more than just the bail that is an overreaction that I've missed?

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Apparently, this is a relatively common prank that the CMs play on one another:



errr, I mean, LOCK HIM UP!!!

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