Disneyland Paris will charge €150 for Fastpass

As I mentioned before, I have no problem with this offer. If people want to spent that money, so be it, it is not my money. Personally I would have better ideas on how to waste €700 in Paris.

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Yeah. I can't imagine putting $700 in an add-on, but I also don't understand why people do the desert parties at WDW for $70/head and those seem to be super full. Maybe the idea is to make it a super premium service only available to very few so you don't get all the people yelling about class warfare and the inequity or modern society.

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ApolloAndy said:

I also don't understand why people do the desert parties

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Pretty much just so that you can sell people $25,000 cups of lemonade. Just make sure to put the wall on the right side.

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sirloindude said:

I get that people might be spending a bunch on the trip, but if an extra $700 for a day is no big deal to you, please let me know when your company is hiring, haha. My wife and I do very well for ourselves, but $700 to enhance an experience seems extremely pricey to me unless we're talking about flying a higher class on a flight or something of that nature.

$700 to get some enhancement for every day of the trip? Okay, that is something I'd consider.

You and your wife wouldn't be paying an extra $700, that was neither stated nor implied. He was talking about a family, and originally stated the 'add on' would be $2k. That's not correct. For an average family of 4, the 'add on' would be $700. For a family of four.

For a couple going to Disneyland Paris, as you and your wife are, there isn't a $700 extra fee for a day. It would be about half of that. Also, it's not likely that many, if any family is paying that for every day at the park(s). You're argument about you and your wife going as opposed to a family of four flying to Disneyland Paris and spending a few grand, then adding $700 has no bearing on the reality that an average family isn't going to go, as the OP stated, "Oh my gawd, I could do another trip for $700!", because that most certainly is not true. They either see the value, based on the number of people in the family while considering the cost, or they don't.

I would and will most definitely pay the price as a single person to do this, and regardless of how well I do, if I'm already planning on spending the money to go to Europe to ride coasters, a hundred fifty euros isn't going to make or break the trip.

Heck, I spend over $4k for two weeks in Japan. That includes the $120 for skip the line passes (Time and attraction limited) at Universal, the $40 extra to skip the lines on the 4 coasters at Fuji Q, paying for individual ride tickets at Nagashima until they opened (around $20) and THEN paying an extra $50 for all you can ride once the typhoon cleared out and the park opened the rest of the rides, and lots of other things that, in the grand scheme of things, probably cost around $3-500 bucks extra. It certainly didn't make or break the financials of the trip.

So I don't think that the $173ish dollars it would take per person, EVEN IF you do it at both parks for 2 days, is going to be the same cost as a whole separate trip, as was the insinuation from the OP. In the grand scheme of things, you either think it's worth it, or not, but if you're already dishing out several grand for the trip, a few hundred isn't going to change much.

Edit: FWIW, a Flash Pass Platinum starts out at about $500 at SFGAm, for a family of four, for around the same type of access. And thats at Six Flags.

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Vater said:


This was my base for a desert tour in February and the tea was free and spectacular, but no Disney Charakters, they have to work on that one

ApolloAndy said:

I also don't understand why people do the desert parties

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That's a good point. If you're a partner at a law firm and you bill out at $800 an hour, it probably makes financial sense and they see it as much of an investment than anything. If you can pay this price and get your family through the park in two days instead of one, that's $6,400 that you bill clients.

You might laugh at this, but a lot of guys who bill that much per hour think this way and write-off expensive time-saving costs with this mindset.

Same is true for hedgefund managers who can get more commissions in a day of a work, or a surgeon who can fit in more surgeries by being at work.

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What are you even talking about?

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I can't believe it took this long for someone to ask that.

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It’s simple. See, the Richie Rich’s of the world would spend this money and have one day at Disney and devote that other day to billing customers, so they’re actually making money and not spending it.

In related news, dairy farmers only make money if they stay home and actually milk the cows.

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Lord Gonchar said:
I can't believe it took this long for someone to ask that.

Yeah, I would have, but I just scroll/ignore their posts.

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