Disneyland Paris not happy about costumed character sex simulation

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The Walt Disney Co. on Thursday said it took "appropriate action" against employees at its Paris theme park who were caught simulating sex while dressed as Disney characters in a digital video that has received wide attention on the Internet.

Read more from Reuters.

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We went way too long without a costumed character story.
I can see why they're so pissed off. Michael J Fox would have a more steady camera hand.
*decides against using the line about Mickey*
Oh man, I know EXACTLY what line you're thinking of too! Mickey best start working on those divorce proceedings.

"No, I didn't say she was crazy, Your Honor, I said..." ;)

I really don't see the big deal was, The people shoud be told to chill, but not fired. It just shouldnt have been leaked to the internet, that just blew it way out of proportion. These were just people messing around. YES this was videotaped, but please don't tell me this is the only time this has happened lol. Im sure Batman and wonder woman or whatever have had mock shack ups before they go out on stage. It probly happens everywhere, I mean you have to think of how many teenagers and early 20 somethings are in these costumes, theyre just messing around people. You can't put your finger at those specific people and say "OMG theyre so dirty what the hell!!" because like I said, this was the only VIDEOTAPED account of costumed characters or employees in general doing stupid stuff and goofing around behind the scenes (not like that or just in sexual context, but anything), but trust me im sure stuff like this happens at every park. They're just messing around having some fun and yeah I agree its weird but whatever, it was done behind closed doors where theres no access to the public and that video should have never seen the light of internet, THAT is what blew it up into what it could become. I'm sure EVERYONE has done something dumb or stupid goofing around on any job in some way that they shrug off, but if videotaped and put on the internet for millions to see would piss you off and blow it WAY out of proportion just as I see this, slapped up and blown up to a huge international "scandal" about disneys hidden sex romps or whatever :rollseyes: I blame the moron with the camera mostly and/or whoever leaked it.
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Michael Darling said:
I can see why they're so pissed off. Michael J Fox would have a more steady camera hand.
Wow, could you be a bigger asshole?
For those of you who are using the excuse "oh everybody does it so who cares", put yourself in Disney's place. They are a family company that has gone to great measures for decades to mainstain a certain image. When that image is tarnished what would you do? Would you really say "oh they're just messing around behind the scenes, no harm done. Its bound to happen"? If you are Universal, Six Flags, etc you probably would. But Disney sets a higher standard. That's the reason why the video became such a hot item to watch online. It's very rare to see because Disney doesn't conform to a lower standard. If I were running the company I would have zero tolerance for this type of situation. It shouldn't happen, period, even behind the scenes. They set the standard again for what happens if it does, and that should include not only firing the employees involved but also the camera man and anyone involved with the video. It's their fault for acting that way, not society. Let's learn to take the blame.
I always knew that Minnie was a whore. That she was @#$% goofy!
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I saw the clip yesterday, thought it was sort-of boring.

Remeber when Americana was shut down for that year and someone went in and took pictures and all the animals were in lewd positions? I thought that was pretty funny.

This is why you should think twice before acting like an idiot when a camera is pointed in your direction. You have to assume now that any piece of video, or any digital picture snapped is going to end up online somewhere.

Disney has the right to take appropriate action in this case. It's their property, their employees on Disney time, their costumes, their characters. And those characters are probably the single-most recognizable throughout the entire world. They have every right to protect their image. Don't forget a few years ago they were sued (frivolously, but nonetheless sued) by a parent whose child wandered into a non-public area and saw a character without the head of his costume. If that was traumatizing, what would it be called to see Goofy doing a different kind of "barnstormin'?"

oh yeah I actually did forget about that RGB, the kid who saw the chracter without the head, thats insane lol. Yeah they were acting stupid but the whole thing was blown so out of proportion. Had the person would have kept the video to themselves (for uh, whatever reason lol) or handed it to a supervisor and the cast present were suspended/put on probation/fired etc, this woulda went over unknown and not a big deal. Whoever thought this was internet-worthy or front page worthy is the one who spread all of the controversy and made it into an international "ordeal". It's true if they never did in the first place there would be nothing to worry about, and that woulda been the best idea, but they goofed off and it was blown up and made into something huge.
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Could've been far worse. They could've added a soundtrack, changing the words to Mouseketeer theme.

hey there!
hi there!
Ho there!

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Rumor has it that there will soon be another video circulating on the internet from when Minnie gets checked out at an STD clinic. Minnie, you're such a slut.
Here is a streaming link for those who don't want to download:
I don't know... I'll agree that Disney probably has the right to fire them for acting the way they did... but I sure am getting a nice dose of Schadenfreude at Disney's expense. :D

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