Disneyland Paris - What should I expect??

Sunday, December 30, 2001 11:57 PM
In Febuary, I'm heading out to Paris for a week and plan on stopping by Disneyland Paris.  I've never been there, so what should I expect?  How are the lines?  I plan on going only one day and want to absorb all that I can in the park, without sacrificing my ride time.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Monday, December 31, 2001 4:02 AM

I'll sum it up like this: Disneyland Paris is the most gorgeous theme park i have ever seen. If you're going to be in Paris for more than a week, it's definitely worth the trip.

I went to Paris for the first time last year, and my Father (who's a Disney nut) dragged me kicking and screaming to the park. "We're in Europe, i'm not going to Disneyworld" was my attitude. But, the fact that the park was an attempt to impress the Europeans with American architecture makes it the most eye-pleasing park i've ever been to! If you're into architecture (which i'm not really, so i can't help you), you should definitely read up on who designed the place.

Anyways, I was there in March on a weekday, and the park was nearly empty. We got on every ride in a little over half the day, and we were taking our time, stopping to eat snacks and enjoy the scenery. The restaurants there are higher caliber than any American theme park restaurants i've ever seen, too, but they're quite pricey. The park entrance fee, however, was really cheap - i think they try to keep it down so people will take lots of day trips from Paris.

As for the lines, there shouldn't be any - it's the off season (and in fact, it might be a little cold - wear something warm), but their FastPass system is easy. As for the coasters, i'd go on Indiana Jones earliest - it's pretty intense, even for an Intamin. Space Mountain is also a great ride - much different from the ones in FL or CA; definitely check it out. Thunder Mt. is also incredible - not very thrilling, but really fun. The ride's completely on an island, but the station is on the mainland (which means you go under a lake - twice!).

Anyways, i hope this helps. And i don't mean to blab on incessantly, but no one ever talks about Disneyland Paris on here, and it's one of the most memorable parks i've been to. Let me know if you have more questions!

Monday, December 31, 2001 4:44 AM
Does space mountain have a LIM launch? I know it goes upside down but what is it like?
Monday, December 31, 2001 12:23 PM
In Febuary, I'm heading out to Paris for a week and plan on stopping by Disneyland Paris. I've never been there, so what should I expect? How are the lines? I plan on going only one day and want to absorb all that I can in the park, without sacrificing my ride time. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You shouldnt worry about Lines at the park.I visited the park back in November, and the park was very quiet indeed, and I got loads of rides in, I believe I managed 7 rides on Indy and Space Mountain, 4 Rides on Big Thunder, and every other major ride once or twice all in an incredible 6 and a half hrs, The Biggest Line out of all the rides was when Big Thunder reached 15 mins, and everything else was less than that or a complete walk on(Even SM was a complete walk on at times)

As you are visiting the park in February, I suspect the park will be exactly the same, Its still considered the off season around that time so there is bound to be very few visitors, As for a good suggestion to do the rides in, I suggest doing Indy First in the morning cause of the low capasity, and then continue to do all the rides you wish to do around that area, and make your way to Space Mountain early afternoon, SM has one of the best crews around and certaintly knows how to make a queue move fast, so dont be put off even if there seems to be a big Line. You should easily have done all the rides/attractions by late afernoon which gives you plenty of time to explore most of the park, Some things to look out for is The Toy Story Restaurant over by Honey I shrunk the Kids which is very popular, You can also Go inside the Submarine which is near SM, and there is a path undeaneath the Castle with a Dragon living Below it, Its the things like these that makes a trip to the park very magical indeed :)
DisneyLand Paris is a fabulous park with some great rides, the staff are wonderful too, Nothing is too much trouble for most of them, and there is always someone around to help you, they also let you stay on their rides if no one else is queueing up, and they run their rides superbly well in terms of capasity even if it is quiet(Unlike some Six Flags Parks)

MFRULES23 - Space Mountain does have a launch system, the way it works is Strange but will try to Explain
Firstly, you are held at the bottom of the lift hill for a few short seconds, You are then lifted into the second hold position(Around about the middle of the lift) and then finally we are treated to the launch, Its no way a powerful launch, But still good enough, As for the rest of the Ride, Its still very good IMO, although there are bits of head banging here and there, Its certaintly not painful thanks to the very good padding on the seats, We are also treated to 2 Inversions, and a very good helix at the end :)

Well, enjoy your trip, I'm sure you will enjoy it there

Monday, December 31, 2001 2:51 PM
Is there much of a language barrier there? Six years of French between junior high and college and I still can't speak a word of it. What about in Germany, where there are suddenly a half-dozen coasters I really want to ride?

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Monday, December 31, 2001 3:43 PM
Hello, having worked at DLP, I can definetaly help you.

First! Check to see if the french kids are on vacation! They usually have a "winter" break in February. If so, consider about skipping the park, since BTM and Peter Pan will run out of FP at around... 1 pm! and will then have a stand-by 90 minutes wait. SM will have a 60 minutes wait, Star Tours the same. Oh, and, dont go on a wednesday! The other days of the week ( not on weekend ) are great to go.

Space Mountain uses 2 electric motors, with a cable that is attached to a pusher car. The pusher car hook the train, then get it up once, then, launch! That's why you are stopped at the bottom.

On Indy, staple yourself! Push on the OTSR so that the bottom part lay on your thighs, that way, you'll get shaked less.

BTM lines is usually good during the week, in case of a doubt, use Fast Pass!

Dont forget to ride Pirates of the Caribbean and Phantom Manor. They're both VERY different from the versions at WDW and DL.

The afternoon parade is good ( the "Wonderful World of Disney" parade ). Its got many of the Disney heroes.

 P.S. for Jeff: 90% of the cast members speaks or at least understand english ( which is not the case at Parc Asterix! ). In the restaurants, menus are in french and english. At Honey, I shrunk the Audience, the show is either in french or english, ask the cast member at the entrance for information. At Visionarium ( dont miss it! Its the hidden jewel of the park! ) and Honey, they are headphones are some seats for the language of your choice!

Also, if you have kids, the height limit for Indiana Jones is a STRICT 55 inches. For SM, its 52 inches. BTM is 40 inches tall minimum.


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