Disneyland is jeered over ride restyling

When does the movie get released? ;)

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The only thing more sad then hard core enthusiasts is hard core Disney fans, who happen to be centered around Disneyland mostly. First they lost the Country Bears, and now Small World is being "raped" oh the horror!

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There goes the ride's charm and atmosphere!
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^ What? They're taking out some trees! Blasphemy :)

Seriously, I agree with both sides on this one. IASW is one of those rides that is at the heart of Disneyland and it's a shame to see it commericalized. However, it's also the most feared ride there. 15 minutes of that song and those simple animatronics can drive you loopy. I won't complain as long as it gets subtle changes like that over on Pirates.

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..and that's exactly what I expect: a Pirates-like "freshening".

Recall that, before it was done, that upgrade was going to end life as we know it, as well.

If it makes the ride more enjoyable for kids then I'm all for it. I don't think we're gonna see a flood of their popular characters invading the ride. According to the article there are 38 characters in the Hong Kong version. It also states that the Disneyland version of It's A Small World.

On a side note, I found it amusing that in late December of 2005 the children of the world all celebrated Christmas. I guess it is a small world after all.

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Ironically Walt would have most likely approved of these changes. One of his most famous quotes is that he never wanted his parks to be museums; rather he expected older attractions to be updated or phased out for something new.
I have mixed sentiments. The purist in me wants to see this wonderful ride preserved as is unto posterity. The realist in me accepts that changes are inevitable, and given the track record of Imagineers the odds are very high it will be a terrific success.

Here's my odds on prediction for Disneyland, 2013. After a series of popular "Tinkerbell" movies and books makes hundreds of millions for the House of Mouse, the Peter Pan ride is modified to showcase that little money-maker Tink and all her fairy friends.

And will that necessarily be so bad?

I dunno.

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I've seen pictures of the new IASW installation at Hong Kong Disneyland, and all they did was add Lilo and Stitch in the Hawaiian area, for example. If this ruins the ride for people, then I seriously think they need to get a life.
As an adult it's tough because the ride drives me nuts. As a kid I remember being a fan, so for kids sake I'm for preserving Disney's original vision.

But my all time favorite memory of Its a Small World was when Bart dared Lisa Simpson to drink the water in the ride; hence the priceless Lisa quote, "I am the Lizard Queen". Sorry, just had to throw that in there.

You're not the only one, "rc-madness". The first thing that popped into my mind reading the article: "Lisa, drink the water!'

Any changes to IASM would be seen as an improvement to me. At least there will finally be some anticipation to the ride. "Look, Nemo!" instead of "Please, when will it end!"

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I saw some pics too, and they look tasteful and understated, not jarring and obtrusive like the characters on the castle...

I like it, and I'm a Disney nut...

I don't like the idea of adding characters to the ride but I just hope it isn't as noticeable as POTC. I hated on that ride how the whole focus of the ride seemed to be changed to Captain Jack Sparrow, with the pirates talking about him and then that he looked very lifelike, almost real compared to the more cartoon look of the rest of the pirates.
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DevilDucky said:
At least there will finally be some anticipation to the ride. "Look, Nemo!" instead of "Please, when will it end!"

I almost had a panic attack last time I was on it. They put so many freaking boats in it that they get backed up and you have to wait to get off the ride.

I agree with the person who said Disney himself would have changed this ride years ago. Who cares about a few new Disney characters when by today's standards the whole ride plays like a cheap shopping mall display. (sorry to the angry son of the original artist)

Give the original art work a respectable nod and bring the whole ride into the present with better animated kids and do something about that cheap tin ceiling that reminds the riders they are floating in a giant warehouse. The Disney of 2008 can and should do better than the Disney of decades ago!

BTW ... the Christmas version is actually much better than the traditional ride. The lights outside are great and the songs at least change. It really is kind of cute.


Dear preservationists:

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure the experience was very, very magical eleventy-hundred and sixteen years ago when your televisions took three minutes and forty seconds to warm up for The Wonderful World of Disney and all.

But now your remaining hair is turning streaky gray. Even the ones sprouting luxuriantly from your nostrils, ears and other areas we (mercifully) won't discuss here.

Is it okay if it's ever so slightly changed to be magical for children who are actually--well, you know--still children right now? Eh? Ya think? It's not as if they're chucking the nauseating theme song. You can still have that. Oh, God can you EVER.



NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Mamoosh said:Ironically Walt would have most likely approved of these changes. One of his most famous quotes is that he never wanted his parks to be museums; rather he expected older attractions to be updated or phased out for something new.

Well, let's add in the fact that Song of the South isn't exactly what you'd term a bastion of 21st century social thought. The times, they are, a-changin'.

Oh, that's right, I forgot I was supposed to attribute quotes.... ;)

Seriously, though, stuff HAS to be updated. How many kids today know about Howdy Doody? Yet there was a time not THAT long ago when EVERY kid knew....the parks HAVE to stay reasonably current, and not every concept or character is going to remain "hip" a generation or two down the road.

Why is it so wrong for people to get worked up over something like this? Believe it or not, there are some people in this world that take their hobbies very, very seriously. Are any of you sports fans? If so, you probably know people that take it to the extreme. It's humorous and sometimes even a tad disturbing, but does that make them unrealistic? Insane? A target for ridicule? I seriously think some of you like to complain about what others do for the sole purpose of making yourselves feel better. Then again, who am I to judge? Whatever gets you through the day unscathed.

For the record- and as a pretty big fan of Disney- I don't see this being a big deal. I like the changes that were made to Pirates and I see these changes being along the same lines. I also agree that Wlt probably would have endorsed this, as he was usually the first person to promote change, not to mention find ways to cross-promote Disney IPs. I know that I'll be able to ride Small World and still thoroughly enjoy myself.

But really, if this bothers some people that much, why does that bother you?

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^LOL...If one more person teases me about my March Madness brackets, I'mma go ballistic!

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