Disneyland hotel workers resort to hunger strike over benefits dispute

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Hotel and restaurant workers engaged in a two-year labor dispute with Disney centering on heathcare benefits plan to launch a public hunger strike Tuesday afternoon outside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Disney says the tactic is grand-standing.

Read more from The LA Times.

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Disney's strategy for breaking the hunger strike.... giant mouse traps!

I agree.

Look, I'm all up for healthcare benefits, but fasting to prove a point just sounds ludicrous. I sure in the hell wouldn't starve myself just because some billion dollar company isn't satisfying me... you're only making yourself look like a fool.

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Brandon James
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On a serious note, it takes balls to strike in these trying times. hmm!

I was wondering who would catch on to that :)

Brandon James
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The only people you are damaging is yourself and making yourself look like a fool in the process.

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I want to add a "ROTFL!!!" too, Delan. That was my first thought after reading the story.

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These folks have been bitching and moaning for years now over jobs that, quite frankly, aren't exactly skilled labor. I can't imagine there are people out there who wouldn't be perfectly happy to have those jobs.

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Everyone should be happy they atleast have a job. Should be grateful for what you have compared to others.


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While I agree in general, it's also times like these that make it that much easier for "Giganto Corp." to exploit its workers.

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But is giving benefits, any benefits, to part-time unskilled labor really exploiting anyone? Other times that this story has come up with these same people, I've scratched my head trying to figure out how part-time work scored health benefits in the first place.

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Other than those in education or government, I'm not aware of that many jobs where health care is fully paid for by the employer. I understand they're not making all that much, but $250 a month for family health care is a bargain. They'd be looking at well over $1,000 a month on the open market for the same coverage. Employer paid health care is not an inherent right.

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Microsoft pays for everything, and no co-pays or deductibles, or exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Making a baby, you can be I appreciate that.

But yes, it is rare, and it's nearly unheard of for part-time workers (Starbucks is a notable exception).

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I work at a bank..part time, and I get no healthcare!

Brandon James
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I work for a small business, full-time, and I get no benefits whatsoever. ZIP. But I am very grateful to have my job. It's not so bad, really.

I do understand a little about where they are coming from though. $250 per month is a lot of money for someone who is only making $800 a month full-time, especially raising kids, and from what I've heard, especially in CA where the cost of living is so high. I have never heard of a part-time job with health insurance though. Who could afford to pay for it with part-time wages?

Does this mean Disney will take the ball and run with this with an ALL-NEW character?

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I don't mind
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Imagine the Sitar solo!

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