Disneyland fills to capacity, suggests alternate visiting dates

Posted | Contributed by Karl Buiter

MousePlanet.com today suggested that readers very carefully plan their visits during the remaining holiday season period to the Disneyland Resort, if not reschedule them entirely.

A marketing campaign promoting the holiday decorating of Disneyland Park, along with a new fireworks show has made for record attendance, forcing early closings of parking facilities and admission booths this season.

For the full advisory, including tips to handle visiting Disneyland this weekend, visit MousePlanet.

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Freakin Nuts. Hey, let's go to Disney and stand in line all day! Yippie! That must suck! Two hours for everything.

Oooooh, my freekin' head.... Too many G's Too many G's! No, no, Too much Beer before the G's!
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Disney WORLD was crazy last new years... on the 31st, Magic kingdom and Epcot closed to capacity by 11:00am!

The traffic was nuts and I saw Cheap Trick play that night at MGM, it was a great old time! The fireworks brought in the new year!
The joint is busy. They closed their gates on Christmas Day in the afternoon, and also on the 27th. Can you belive the response even with them opening a new themer next door in just weeks.

I am going to say this with knowledge of a rebuttle, but I prefer Disneyland California over Magic Kingdom Florida. Just my opinion.
I do not under stand a few things Abbott these large parks. They have lot s of

money. Enough to buy out most park even franchise. So maybe Disney has a few

parks. Buy why don't they have a lot. Hopefully one day they will start to completely

franchise and buy out some parks. And make them huge just like Six Flags does. It

most likely wont happen but it could they could buy out six flags, Kennywood Crop,

or even paramount. I hope all of you agree with me and if you don't you relay don't

care about amusement parks. Because every one knows franchise rock.

Fear all of Kennywood
Believe it or not, parks even like Disney don't have all this money you may think they have. Why wouldn't they just spend all of their money on the parks rather than building a bunch of little ones, you ask? Well, they spend all of the money they have on new rides, themes, adverts, etc... Don't think that money is just laying around on the CEO's desk ;)
It would be impossible for Disney to buy out Paramount. 2 of the biggest movie companies buying each other out;) That`s never going to happen. Maybe Disney buying out Kennywood but never Paramount or SF Inc. Movie companies make at least 1/2 of their profits on their amusment parks.
hey, I work at disneyland and I was working on the days that we shut down the gates. It wasn't bad at all to work those days, but I could tell that there weren't many guests having fun. I've been getting some good hours this season though. I'm working 12-10:30 on Sunday! Woohoo!!!
Oh, theres nothing like a good old New Years pastime, waiting in lines at Disneyland. Oh OH OH! When will people have enough common sense not to go there on the most crowded days of the YEAR!?! Maybe the heat in California has toasted their brains. I belive SocalJake, I saw a news report on the Disney shutdown and the looks on peoples faces when the ticket windows closed the doors and put up signs that say, "Closed due to Guest Capacity" were priceless!

Its the Most wonderful time of the Year!

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