Disneyland 1/18/09 part one

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I arrived on a sunny day on Saturday, and drove to Huntington Beach, aka Surf City USA. This was my first visit to the boardwalk, and we had lunch at Ruby's Diner out at the end of the Pier. Back to the Holiday Inn at Palentia, then dinner at Benihanna's in Newport Beach. The day....9/10,

Arrived at DL about 930am. I love this traffic. Into Mickey and Friends garage, and then to the tram car. This is my first trip to DL since Veteran's Day 1998, and it was so busy I only got on Indiana Jones, Space Mt, Star Tours, and the Matterhorn. I did not enjoy anything, and I felt like tossing stollers into the Rivers of America, since basically every kid in the OC was off of school, and was here.

After the brief tram car ride, we entered the park and lined up for Indiana Jones. After a 30 min wait, we boarded. The lights were out when the ball was a rollin towards us, but still a great ride. 9/10. Then into New Orleans Square, and hopped the train for a complete circuit, and got yelled at for taking photos in the displays from the worlds fair in Tomorrowland. Back off at NOS, and onto Pirates. With 2 drops, somewhat longer than MK, 9/10. On to Winnie the Pooh. Different, being partly outdoors. 8/10. Then lunch at the Hungry Bear. Its very peacefull, except for some cracker trying to explain he needed chicken wrapped in lettuce, since he was gluten allergic. Crikey. Burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, and fries were hot and tasty. 7/10.

After a ride on the Mark Twain, Then to Thunder Mt, as tall as MK, but in a tighter footprint. 8/10. Good ride. We then crossed to Tomorrowland, and onto Space Mt. This new coaster is great. Better then MK. 9/10. Long, smooth, and dark. Then to Mr Toad's, very cute. 7/10. Now to dinner at Blue Bayou. Fantastic steak, lettuce wedges, the works! 9/10. Service and views make this place a must. You will eat there.

Then to Toontown, which was closed, so we hopped onto the Nemo Subs. This turned out to be a great ride. 8.5/10. The surprise of the day. Then to the Matterhorn, with a 10 min wait. 8.5/10.Finished the night on the Jungle Cruise. 10 min wait, 7.5/10. Great boats. Back to the hotel for another big day tomorrow.

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