Disneyland & Cali Adventure 5-7-10

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Was excited for my 3rd trip to the Magic Kingdom this year. The weather was outstanding and despite getting stuck in traffic, my favorite Cali ride warrior, Austin and I arrived at the park shortly after opening.

We headed straight for Tomorrowland and Space Mountain, grabbing a Fastpass and riding. The wait for most of the day ranged from 20-45 minutes and I was amazed on how much I LOVED it! It was nothing like the ride I remembered from WDW. Totally a blast! We ended up with a total of 3 rides...every different seat made for a better ride :)

I was forced to ride Splash Mountain and after seeing the lack of splash kind of liked it. We hit the Haunted Mansion 5x, more to sit down for a bit then for the actual ride (after the 1st one anyway ;))

We both opted for the Clam Chowder bread bowl lunch at Royal Street Verand and OMG was it GOOD! You don't mind paying a gazillion bucks for park food as long as it's good. This soup was nom nom, my only complaint is there is alot more bread then actual soup itself. But with that being said it kept me from being hungry till way later that night.

Rode Mr Toads Wild Ride (my 1st time) Matterhorn, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (where I proceeded to get my butt kicked) and due to that butt kicking forced Austin to see Captain EO with me. It so screamed 80's with the effects and Michael Jackson still looking some what normal. The 3D was 80s (but younger kids were loving it) The music was great however and seeing Michael Jackson reminded me that as strange a character as he was, he was so talented and what a waste to be gone so young.
Star Tours was a walk on so we did that. Almost wonder how much longer Disney going to keep that.

We hit up Toontown for Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin. Fun but I truly like the entire set of Toontown. So much to see! :)

We Fastpassed for Indiana Jones and that ride it turns out will be the problem child for Walt. Our Fastpass ride stopped right after we got "hit" with the arrows. The "car" was making sounds like it was trying to start up again (nice touch Disney) but after 4 or 5 attempts, it stopped and the lights came on. This didnt bother me since well, being a coaster tool, we all know. The same cant be said for everyone else in the car who had no clue wth was going on. We sat there for a good 15 minutes before the lights went off and we finished the ride. Indiana Jones at the very end was talking but we couldnt hear a word he was saying. In true Disney form they handed out Fastpasses at the exit good for up to 6 guests to return. I got one, so did Austin.
My only complaint about being stopped like that was there was NO announcement to stay sitting or something to advise the guests what was going on. I found that surprising because, well, it's Disney.
We went back later with our Fastpass and we ended up stopping AGAIN! This time right under the swinging Indy and in front of the big rolling boulder. Now, that was creepy cause the lights didnt turn on this time, and Indy kept moving his legs, and the boulder kept rolling in place. Totally killed that special effect for us but oh well. This wait was only 10 minutes or so. The bad thing was when the ride did start back up again it was real slow. The Indy at the end didnt even move, not a good sign.
Our last ride was almost at midnight, being a 15 minute wait we decided to give it 1 last shot. The ride stopped AGAIN! This time in the rat scene so our car kept going up and down and side to side the entire time! Luckelly that didnt last long! :)
Still love that ride, and finally (due to seeing another car while we were on the "bridge") I now know how it works!

California Adventure: I have to be honest to say I was more excited about going here again then I was about Disneyland. We headed to the park shortly after 4pm. First stop, California Screaming. Totally one of my favorite steels. We grabbed a Fastpass and hit the 20 minute line. Proving myself a coaster tool, I actually got goosebumps when we were waiting on line cause I could hear the music for the ride start. I bought the DA soundtrack and had been listening to that music ALL winter in my truck. The ride was awesome (as always) and I was happy to finally have had my CS fix. I am still amazed that Intamin managed to make a ride that doesnt suck.
We hit up Midway Mania where Austin CREAMED me 210k to 190k. That ride is sooo much fun but my hand and right arm were killing me by the time it was over! :)

We stopped to eat at the Mexican restaurant and OMG there was a pound of food on my plate. And it too (as was our clam chowder) was yummy! It was real spicy too so thank goodness the guy gave me a glass of water without me even asking! :)
Again, let me say I dont mind spending tons of cash for park food, if its good. The quality was well worth it and quantity made it even better.

Its a Bugs Land was a walk on so we did that. Tower of Terror was a blast, we managed 3 rides on it. It is really alot more fun when you've got people in your elevator on their maiden ride. Of course it was much better once it got dark outside :)
The Zephers (sp?) were actually running so we rode those, Monsters Inc was a walk on, and we closed the park on our CS Fastpass ride. The stand by line was 50 minutes and we over heard one of the cast members say that they had been down for most of the day so everyone was trying to ride it before park closed.

We headed back into Disney to enjoy the fireworks...wow they were really great and went on forever!! We stayed in the Magic Kingdom till they kicked us out at midnight.

It never ceases to amaze me how long all the rides are and the park and ride capacity those parks manage on a daily basis. I would love to know what their RPH is on a busy day. I also love how all the employees are so very nice.

We both had a magical time, it was one of my best visits ever! :)

Made the drive back home to Alpine without Tom Tom. Guess that shows I really do belong here in California. If I could afford it, Id be here in a nanno second I LOVE it!!

Today is Knotts and next week SFMM and US! :)

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