Disney/DCA 6-09-03: A review by Dan

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Got to Disney at around 9:00 in the morning (June 9th). My Hotel was right across the street from Disney, so I walked. My first ride was Star Tours, not bad, but it gets old after awhile.

Star Tours: As I entered the futuristic cue line, I noticed that there wasn't that many people waiting. The ride itself was a motion based virtual reality trip through the world of Star Wars, courtesy of a mixed up droid. Various twists and turns, and a good bit of motion simulation made for a overall good ride, but my second time on seemed boring. Time to change the film. Rating 7

Honey, I Shrunk The Audience: Looks like genious inventor Wayne Slazinsky (Rick Moranis) is at it again, this time he's managed to shrink down the entire audience (YOU!). Good 3d effects include Slazinsky's hover craft zooming over the audience, and the cool sensation of being carried around by a small child after bieng shrunk. It was also cool to see Monty Python's Eric Idle in action again. Rating 8

Inoventions: This rather large collection of compurter games and other gadgetry, seemed more fun for the kids than the adults. Nice plasma tv's! The guy on the 2 wheeled thing-a-ma-bob was pretty cool. Rating 7

Autopia: Gas powered dirving. Same as most other parks driving attractions. I think I liked the Chapparall cars at SFoT better, they seem to have more style than Disney's version. Rating 6

Having spent the first part of the day messing around in the World of Tomorrow, I decided to check out some of the parks many dark rides.

Disney is dark ride heaven, they seem to specialize in family oriented dark's, most of which are classics. For the youngsters, there's the likes of Snow Whites Scary Adventures, Peter Pan's Flight, Alice In Wonderland, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Pinnochio's Journey, The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and the classic, It's a Small World. My fav amongst these family style darks would have to be Peter Pan's Flight. This ride seemed to give riders the sensation of actually flying over London and Never Never Land thanks to cars that run on track suspended from the ceiling, as opposed to the floor track of the others.

Now for the main dark rides in the park.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Yo-ho-ho-ho a pirate's life for me. This continues to be one of the greatest dark rides ever created. The robot pirates look all too real in this classic Disney dark ride. The first thing I noticed was how fast the line seems to move on PotC. Great rider capacity! No need for fast pass here. Although, I don't think it quite fits the New Orleans Town Square themeing. Rating 8

Haunted Mansion: This should have been scarier than it was. It started off like it was going to be reall scary, with a chilling ghostly voice guide in the streaching room. The room doesn't actually streach, rather it's more of an elevator that lowers you into the underground area were you board the cars. The hallway you walk through to get to the cars is great! Complete with flashes of lighting in the windows and erie pantings that change as you watch them. And the statue heads that turn and follow you as you walk by are REALLY cool! Once you board you car however, things seem to get a bit too cheerfull for my tastes. The first part where you car seems to be going backward through a haunted hallway is superb. Made me feel like I was inside the Resident Evil mansion. Madam Lyota's disembodied head was a cool effect, in fact, most of the effects in use were cool. However, I think the ghosts should have been more terrifying and less cheerful, even bursting into song at one point. Anytime I'm on a Haunted House type ride, I expect to be scared, not amused. Rating 7

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: This has to be the best dark ride in the place. The cars move at breakneck speeds through outstanding special effects and themeing Giving you the impression of actually being inside a cursed tomb. And robot Indy was great! Everything about this ride rocks! Rating 9

Only two adult coasters in the park aside from Space Mountain, which will re-open in 2005.

Matterhorn Bobsleds: I'm sorry, but I just don't get the themeing here. The main theme seems to revolve around an angry snow monster. The ride itself was only an average minetrain style ride. Funny how the park seems to be trying harder to scare people on this coaster, than on the Haunted Mansion dark ride. Rating 5

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Now THIS is more like it! This heavily themed mine train style ride rocked from start to finish. Blistering speeds, outrageous high speed twists and turns and loads of G's make for an amzing ride expereince! And did I mention the mountain themeing was great?! Rating 9

On to the wet rides..

Jungle Cruise: This is a classic ride that still manages to hold it's own. You'll encounter all sorts of animatronic wild life including Hippo's, Elephant's, lions, gators and even some not so friendly natives. Great for the family: Rating 7

Mark Twain's River Boat: A rather dull cruise around Tom Saywer island, not much to talk about: Rating 5

Splash Mountain; This is the best log flume ride I've been on. The theme is from "Song of the South", a classic Disney film which featured live actors together with animated characters. It was also the film in which the song "Zip-a-dee-do-da" was first heard. The ride itself manages to make for poor rider capacity and really long waits (even with a fast pass). You wind your wind your way around the flume encountering all sorts of southern theme characters and even take a somewhat shorter plunge along the way to the big spash at the end. Great Ride! Rating 9

Overall impressions....

Disney is perfect for the whole family. This place still has that magic that makes it the Happiest Place On Earth. Great themeing abounds here and dark rides are plentiful. If there is a weakness it's a lack of coasters. Hopefully, Space Mountains return will help in this area, and change the film in Star Tours. Park Rating 9

That about all for today folks, next up DCA!

Goodbye Mouskateers!


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Glad to see you finally got around to typing this up.

Matterhorn a 5 rating, say it isn't so!!!

SCREAM with me... in 2003!

Sorry Soggy, I really wasn't impressed with Matterhorn. The themeing left me scratching my head. Big Thunder Mountain made it seem like nothing.


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