Disney World weddings big business

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What began as a side business in 1991 to accommodate brides who wanted to marry at Cinderella's castle has turned into a veritable wedding factory. About 2,000 weddings are now held yearly at the Walt Disney World Resort, twice the number in 1995.

Read more from The New York Times via The Contra Costa Times.

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I'd would kill to do that!

Dan Haverlock
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"get a job man"

I still think this is a market that Cedar Point could get into but alas they have made no effort. Granted, there isn't the "fairy-tale" factor but a lot of people in the midwest grew up with Cedar Point not too mention the number of employees that have run through there.

Disney learned that some people will pay anything!

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At the very least, there aren't a lot of places on the North Coast where you can get married in the sand then walk off to the hotel for a reception and have a place where all the guests can stay that night.

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DELETED! What time does the water show start?

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