Disney World Opens New Ordeal Kingdom For Family Meltdowns

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NOT submitted to news. ;)

Officials say the park will have a dozen designated storm-off areas where irate visitors can go after telling their spouse or children to just shut the hell up already.

According to park director Jacob Bartlett, Ordeal Kingdom’s specialized combination of features will ensure a slowly building resentment among visiting families, eventually resulting in a dramatic public outburst followed by a silent walk back to the car.


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But I saw it on the Internet -- it must be true!

Hilarious. Thank you, Onion.

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That's awesome. That could be a real thing.

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We had a moment a couple of weeks ago that felt like we were there. On the Mark Twain my son shoved his sister...not that unusual...but she was shoved into a gentleman standing next to us. Our son nearly got to see Tom Sawyer Island up close..because I was close to tossing him over the rail. It was an ordeal.

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birdhombre said:

NOT submitted to news. ;)

I didn't have as much restraint... <;~P

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Wow. There is so much spot on in there. I think my favorite is the indecipherable not to scale maps and the shows tailored to different ages all happening simultaneously during lunchtime. Good stuff.


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