Disney World On New Monopoly Board

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This might be of mild interest to some.

Monopoly released the "Here & Now" updated version of the game this week. Over the past few months they had people voting on what to include on the new board.

Disney World made the cut and is located on one of the red spaces. From the press release:

"Orlando's Disney World occupies the red space traditionally known as Illinois Avenue, which has proven to be the most landed-upon property space on the board during a game."

And if you want to stretch even further - Mall Of America is also on there as one of the light blue squares so you could technically own The Park at MOA as well....I guess. :)

Interesting that the most visited tourist attraction in the country occupies the most landed-upon space. Coincidence, or did they plan that?

One thing that struck me was all of the corporate sponsors for the game pieces -- McDonald's, Toyota, Motorola, New Balance -- yet they have a generic laptop. Guess none of the computer companies wanted to pony up the cash to have their name stamped on it.

I also found it amusing that Boston (Fenway Park/Park Place) is once again runner-up to New York (Times Square/Boardwalk). Maybe the Monopoly designers are all Yankee fans. ;)

- Aaron K

Off topic (in a way)...

So this "Here and Now" version of Monopoly is just a special version (like all of the special versions before it) and not an updated version that will replace the classic 1930's era version?

The report I heard on the radio made it sound like the old version was no more.

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I was under the same impression, SLFAKE. But it does look like this will just be a 'special edition' of the game. They did sell it like a complete overhaul making the original obsolete when they announced the whole thing this past spring, but apparently thought better of it.

Sorry... but there are just some things that should not be changed. The "classic" Monopoly, is one of them.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
Aren't they rolling out all new boards with that funky ATM card thing sometime soon?

ColumbusCoaster said:
Guess none of the computer companies wanted to pony up the cash to have their name stamped on it.

Apple seems like a company that would advertise that way. They're much into the whole "now" thing. iPods are dominating their market and Mac sales are rising. Interesting none-the-less.

Did they raise the prices for the real estate to reflect "here and now" costs?
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Yep. The 'Boardwalk' space is now Times Square and costs $4,000,000. Disney World is $2,400,000.

Not exactly realistic, but more current than dealing in hundreds.

Or $4 rent for Mediterranean Avenue.
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^ THAT is where SFI got those Madagascar hissing roaches! ;)

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