Disney World - 3/10 - 3/12 (EVEREST!)

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Greetings from Walt Disney World! Currently I'm in the hotel room at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. I had come here with a friend's cheerleading competition.

I started off Friday, I had arrived at 3 ish, and checked in, got my tickets, everything, got to the room, and left the room at 4. I headed to Epcot first. When I was here in July I had originaly planned on riding Spaceship Earth, but didn't find the time. So I hit that first. I thought it was amazing.

After that I headed towards Mission Space. I love that ride! Got in the line, rode it, took only a few minutes. Again, still loving that ride. Then, I went to Test Track. Fun ride! I rode Test Track and Mission Space one more time, before heading to Germany

I shopped around in Germany, got some German Chocolates that was particulary found of (Riter Sport). Then I hitched a ride on the ferry across the lagoon, and left the park. I returned to the room, and went out to dinner with my mom, and friends.

I woke up around 7. Showered, Changed, etc. Then I left just before 8, heading towards the Animal Kingdom. I got to the park just after 8. I got in line at the front gate, and waited. Then this moving tree started talking. It was weird. It was a palm tree in a planter, that was moving, talking, and interacting with people in the lines. At around 8:40 they let us in the front gate, throught the oasis, and stopped us just after the oasis. They had a little show with Goofy, Minnie, and Mickey. Then at 9 they opened the ropes, and then two people with a rope guided the crowd along the path right to Everest. I had been in the front, just along a guy carring the rope.

When I got there, I was amazed that I had finnaly gotten to Everest. I hopped in line, went through the line, and got to the station. The station was still relativly empty since it had just opened for the day. As I got in it, you could see empty trains running the course, a sign that I had been getting on some of the first public rides of the day.

I got aboard, and I started. I climbed up the first hill, did the helix. And Started the second hill. I looked up at the mountian, I was excited! I had been waiting YEARS for this, and it was finnaly happening. I got to the top, we dropped a bit, turned, went into the mountain. We pulled forward and stopped. You could see people were looking around not exspecting it. We started to roll backwards and people began to freak out. I didn't exspect the forces to be as intense as they were inside the mountain. I could feel some intense helixes, and then we pulled up backwards into a cave. The yeti's shadow tore up the track, and we pulled forwards. The good thing is, you can't see the plunge, you just saw it end from your view, as if hitting the cave walls. Then we plunged downward, took our pictures, and banked down. It was amazing that it was intense as it was, I thought it was supposed to be light, and it wasn't. We pulled into the mountain, did some helixes, and came out of the mountain.

Again, helixes, went back into the mountain. The yeti was amazing. You were pulled up over a little bunny hill before you get to him and you feel as if he is really going to grab you. Pulled out of the mountain, and braked. AMAZING ride! I tell you, it was worth it.

After Everest, I rode Primeval Whirl, and then I got a fastpass for Everest, rode it twice, got in the fastpass line, and rode it again. And left the park. After I left I went to Disney-MGM Studios. I rode Tower of Terror, went to the Animation Courtyard. I drew Mickey! Then I went through a Walt Disney exibit, and watched a film about his "Disneyland dream"

Then I left back to the room. We visited friends in the Orlando area, and didn't back until 9.

I didn't leave the hotel room until 1, and when I did I went to the Magic Kingdom. I rode the train first to Frontier Town, and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Then I walked to the teacups, rode those, and found myself in Tomorrowland. I hit Space Mountain, and rode the Astro Orbiter (Rockets), then I took a ride on the Tommorrowland Tranisit Athourity tram. After that I wanted to see what this Carousel of Progress. That was cool. I left the park after walking to the front and riding the train around a round trip. Took a nap at the hotel room, and that was it.

My main reason for this was Everest, which was amazing. I recomend it! Oh, and I found the hidden Mickey in the display cases!

- Keith

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