Disney will own even more theme park IP with pending acquisition of Fox film and TV units

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With its proposed purchase of a big chunk of 21st Century Fox, the $52.4-billion deal announced Thursday would give Walt Disney Co. the rights to a pantheon of popular television, movie and comic book characters, including X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool and everyone from the world of Homer Simpson and family. Many of these properties are licensed to competing theme parks.

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I've been perusing MiceAge about the Disney acquisition of certain Fox assets.

Of course, most of then hope these new IPs never defile Disneyland, with a few hoping Disneyland Resort gets a third Fox-related gate. (I fuess it's worth noting, dear Disneyland purists, that after all the outrage about DCA's Tower of Terror, Guardians has become one of the most popular rides in the park.)

One thing that struck me: Disney gets the intellectual property rights to the Simpsons, but the Simpsons air on Fox TV, which Fox is retaining (along with Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Sports and the Fox O&O TV stations), and Universal parks has the Simpsons in Orlando and Hollywood; can't say about Universal Japan as I don't read Japanese.

Just interesting to speculate about how Disney handles the Simpsons.

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Studios Japan has (IIRC) Minions, Marvel, Potter, Snoopy, and Sesame Street, but no Simpsons.

I don't think this would be handled any differently than when Disney acquired Marvel, unless Universal was very short-sighted in their Simpsons contract.


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Yeah no Simpsons in Japan. I don’t think they’re in Singapore either. Marvel is in Japan, but only the Spidey ride, if I recall correctly. And it’s not in a marvel themed land, so it could eventually be changed to transformers.

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