Disney wants to cut greenhouse emissions by half in theme parks and cruise ships

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The Walt Disney Co. will seek to cut companywide greenhouse-gas emissions in half during the next four years, and reduce electricity consumption by 10 percent over the next five, as part of a series of environmental goals outlined today. The chief targets: Disney's theme parks, resorts and cruise ships, which, according to internal figures, account for 91 percent of the company's total greenhouse-gas emissions and 73 percent of its electrical use.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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If nothing else at least it makes some of the in-park stuff like Circle Of Life seem less preachy and hypocritical.

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I noticed when I was down there in August that they were converting the trim lights in It's A Small World's queue to LED's. We went back 3 times that week, and each time more of it had been done.


I wonder if this will get the buzz about expanded monorail track going again? I know these babies use energy too, but Disney certainly has alot of busses that could be taken off the roads.

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