Disney voiceover artist Tom Kane suffers stroke

I didn't submit this as news since it's not technically park news, but I feel like there are enough of us in Orlando that know Tom's voice from all of the announcements he provides at Walt Disney World, including acting as the voice of the monorail


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Wow, that's unfortunate. I hope he is able to regain his speech, because that's the kind of gig that doesn't typically have disability benefits (unless he was in the various performance unions). When I stop and think about it, that dude is everywhere at WDW.

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Either he or Neil Ross was Doctor Doom's voice on Fearfall over at IoA, but I'm veering more towards the latter since his tempo is closer to what is heard on the ride.


Unfortunately Tom will not be able to return to voice work


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That's really sad. I can't even imagine not being able to do the thing I'm most known for. 🙁

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