Disney Treasure cruise ship will feature areas inspired by theme park attractions

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From Disney Parks Blog:

Skipper Society, a themed lounge near the Grand Hall, will bring Disney Parks’ iconic Jungle Cruise attraction to sea for the first time. But instead of visiting the backside of water, the venue’s natural colorways and camp-style furnishings will pair with sly tributes to the trusty, dry-witted skippers for an elevated, playful atmosphere. You can discover references to the famous attraction throughout the space, from a whimsical monkey-shaped chandelier to postcards and luggage tags brought back from travels abroad, all while snacking on themed cocktails and light snacks beneath a canopy of untamed jungle foliage.

Periscope Pub will become Disney Cruise Line’s first venue inspired by the spellbinding adventure of Walt Disney’s 1954 film, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and the celebrated Disney Parks attraction that was open at Walt Disney World from 1971 to 1994. The design of the submarine-style interiors will call upon 19th century steampunk influences with polished metals and industrial touches. A mysterious window into the depths of the uncharted oceans along the ceiling will give you a chance to feel like Captain Nemo on the Nautilus, while a decorative statement rug in the center of the space will honor Captain Nemo’s fabled nemesis, the giant squid. This casual venue will be the ideal onboard location to unwind and watch live sports or news, while ordering from a menu of craft brews and light bites.

Embracing the adventures of the future, the Tomorrow Tower Suite will capture the same forward-thinking mindset that inspired the Walt Disney World Resort theme park, EPCOT, with an energetic design. Throughout the suite, dynamic art pieces, molten metal accents and futuristic, colorful glass accents will evoke the distinct atmosphere of EPCOT’s World Discovery neighborhood. Set high in the ship’s forward funnel, this one-of-a-kind suite will overlook the top deck of the Disney Treasure and glimpse the open horizon through an expansive two-story window. With nearly 2,000 square feet of living space, the Tomorrow Tower Suite will comfortably sleep eight guests and feature areas for eating, sleeping and playing, as well as other perks like a full kitchen and private ensuite elevator.

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While the Epcot themed tower suite looks pretty cool, we noticed in sister ship Wish that you can basically see into the whole thing from the adjacent deck just forward of that. The two-level suites up front have their own hot tubs and a forward looking verandah, and they cost less. Which is to say you still need to be Oprah rich.

It seems like they either didn't listen to, it couldn't change for, the feedback about not having a full loop promenade deck, because they still have the aft windows in the show restaurant. That's unfortunate.

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