Disney to close animation studio in Florida

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Disney is expected to close its Florida animation unit and lay-off the 260 artists that work there. Some will be relocated to Burbank. The unit worked in the Disney-MGM Studios park, where they were part of a tour.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

"Was this an expected event? I thought I remembered hearing that Disney was trying to get their name out of MGM studios for whatever reason ... or is this more of Disney hitting a very rocky period?"

From what I understand, I believe it is the other way around. Disney is slowly fazing MGM out. Their relationship started off rocky when MGM's BOD intially refused Disney's offer when the park was in development during 1984.

Whatever is going on, I believe Disney's MGM connections and contracts are/were somewhat wasted. The only time the park has ever made great use of MGM for an attraction was on TGMR, and evan on it, some of the material, such as Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Casablanca is from Warner Brothers, Paramount, or Fox.

ThemeDesinger, maybe you mistook what I wrote and by my wording I can tell how that could have happened. By no means did I mean that Pixar should move to the building and set up shop - I meant that they should use the building to show how they go about making their movies. It would, case in point, be a "mock up" of their own production studios. I hope that makes more sense - basically it would showcase their movies and how they go about doing them (pretty much what the Animation tour was in the later years of its existence).

Does that clear up what I meant a little more? :)



Yeah, that makes more sense.

The space was built as offices, though, so I expect it'll remain offices for one group or another. Remember, the 'fish bowl' that you could see on the tour was not the main part of WDFA-F. The offices for most of the folks were backstage in another building entirely (At least since they built the new building a few years ago, anyway)

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