Disney tickets go up again.

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There are at least 2 Alamo rent-a-car locations on Disney property. Disney transportation will even take you to the rental car agency from your hotel.


They really make those extra days at a few dollars extra a day enticing. My last trip was in December 2006 and we figured for $2 more a person why not get the 7 day pass (non park hopper). We ended up getting to Epcot on the first day at around 3:00, with the old pricing we would have never gone for less than a full day but with the pricing the way it was we figured it was worth it. Same thing on our last day, before the long drive (20 hours) home, we stopped at Animal Kingdom for around 4 hours. We would have never done that at even $40 an admission.

I still wish it was the old pricing, with no expiration on the tickets at no extra cost. I just used almost all my credit card reward points for 4 2 day passes to Universal/IOA and hope to use them in December, but that means we will be spending less time at Disney and spending more each day.

It's also kind of interesting that you can buy a Six Flags season pass (or could have) for $15 less than a 1 day Disney ticket. I know the experiences are totally different, but it is also easier to avoid spending money at Six Flags where at Disney you are stuck (no driving to McDonald's 2 minutes away from the park)

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I don't mind paying out the wazoo for something if I feel like I am getting my money's worth, especially when it comes to park food! Afterall, part of the amusement park "experience" is eating, especially if the food is worth it like at BGE, Dollywood, Disney, etc. :)

Jeff mentioned that he got a decent chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and green beans for around $9 at Disney. That's not bad, but then again their food kicks ass. ;) At Holiday World you can get a HUGE turkey dinner with all the trimmings (just like a REAL Thanksgiving dinner at mom's house) for about that much. I think I paid that much (maybe more) for a small, half-cold burger and soggy fries at Magic Mtn.

Prices are going up everywhere and on EVERYTHING. Hell, even at my job they keep raising prices, driving my customers (and me) crazy!

It's just one of those things you have to accept and figure out how you can afford these things. A Disney trip has always been "expensive" in my eyes anyway, so I am not even surprised by the increase.


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Lord Gonchar said:
Why not just make the cost of a ticket $220 or $230 and make it good for ten consecutive days?

I think they should sell the 3 day ticket for $230 and then market it as, "Buy 3 days, get 7 free!" :)

Walt Schmidt - Co-Publisher, PointBuzz

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Even better, Walt. :)

rollergator said:

Acoustic Viscosity said:That may be the point of Disney's business strategy, but my point was that although the reduced admission cost is enticing to stay longer, the rapid increase in over-all trip costs due to hotel/food (and possibly rental car) quickly negate the incentive to stay longer or at least may for some people, especially if they stay at one of the "nice" resorts for $300+ per night.

Well, Disney is only too happy to provide you the hotel and the food (which is where they make up for the virtually free admissions beyond day 3). And while they don't have a rental car agency....yet?...they do have the Magical Express Service to pick you up from, and drop you off at, OIA...so you don't need a rental car.

BTW, without that rental car you no longer need....you really can't spend too much non-Disney money while you're in Orlando. Your vacation dollars now have become Disney-dollars. It's a "Mouse-Trap".

I thought the Magical Express is only to/from the airport...

--George H

That's what he said.

"I've been born again my whole life." -SAVED
^ My dyslexia kicked in...I saw it as IOA... ;)

Besides...the airports in Orlando are either coded ORL (Orlando Executive Airport) or MCO (Orlando International Airport)...

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--George H

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I just didn't say it very well...LOL!

But I really hoped someone would appreciate the Mouse-Trap moniker...guess not enough of ya'll grew up in the 70s... :)

Seriously though, other than Disney, no one else has the ability to absorb ALL of your vacation dollars....that's uniquely profitable... ;)

Universal is probably the closest to achieving that, but it's still a distant second...and regionals just don't offer food *outside the park*, and lodging AND transportation.

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Someone on PointBuzz, by the way, mentioned that CP prices are still below those of 2005.

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^^ My brother had that game, gator. Actually, he has it now too. Since I bought him a new one several years ago out of guilt for breaking several pieces on the original. :)

On the price increase issue, I noticed Hershey's price posted as $49.95 this past weekend. I thought it was $47.95 at the beginning of the season.

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Here is a chart of disneyworld ticket prices from 1971 to now. It is very interesting to see how much the tickets have gone up in just the last few years.


Hard to believe that in 1997, ticket prices were under $40 per day.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

rollergator said:

But I really hoped someone would appreciate the Mouse-Trap moniker...guess not enough of ya'll grew up in the 70s...

Who needs the 70's (even though I had the game back then)...I play it at least once a week nowadays with my daughter - she loves it...

--George H

I had Crazy Clock. I wish they'd bring that one back.

--George H

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