Disney theme parks see 15% increase in operating income for the quarter

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Despite a spring break that largely fell out of the quarter, revenue at Disney theme parks jumped 5%, topping nearly $6.2 billion and helping the company beat Wall Street estimates. For the theme parks division, segment operating income rose 15% to $1.5 billion. People are also paying higher prices, which contributed to Disney parks’ financial success.

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It's crazy... it doesn't seem like the price increases are having any effect on attendance. It's still up 1%.

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I still think they can charge $200 and still keep the parks full. I can't wait to see attendance after star wars opens up.

I still stand by that there's a tipping point out there for Disney pricing and they know better than anyone where that is.

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I'm sure there is, and I expect that it looks like higher per caps with lower attendance. I just thought they would be there by now.

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It really is sort of insane how inelastic the demand is. Then again, I am totally willing to pay it. Then again again, I consider it very much a luxury and Disney trips would be the first thing to go if I ever lost income.

Then again again again, how many DVC members are there? My jaw hits the floor from sticker shock whenever I look into DVC.

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What amazes me about WDW right now is this stretch of massive capital going into new attractions and infrastructure at the resort. Not that long ago, people were accusing them of sitting on their hands by crafting new Fantasyland as a response to Potter (as if they needed to respond). Even after Galaxy's Edge opens, MK, Epcot, and Studios all have major attractions in the coming years. Every park and the TTC is getting new entry infrastructure and the Future World side of Epcot is getting reworked, new restaurant experiences are in the works, new hotels are opening or under construction. Skyliner is looking like it will be ready soon. Even if much of this is about bringing things up to standard for the already large crowds, they don't look like they're anticipating a drop in attendance. It will be very interesting to see what all of this looks like if there's a sharp downturn in the economy (that seems so inevitable at this point).

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