Disney theme park auction includes hand-drawn park map expected to fetch $900k

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A collection of vintage Disneyland and Walt Disney World costumes and other items are being auctioned off with some items expected to sell for $900,000.

Read more from Forbes.

See the auction listing from Van Eaton Galleries.

There is some confusion in the press articles as to whether the map is THE MAP. The auction listing clearly states that this is the pencil drawing that was then used to make THE MAP that everyone is familiar with (the color version that was shown in New York for the roadshow). Disney still owns and controls THE MAP, and it is safely in their hands.

A quibble yes, but a necessary clarification that is often lost in the reporting.

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Thanks for the clarification...

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Well, screw that. I'm retracting my bid.


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I'm canceling my flight.

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