Disney teases new Star Wars attractions at fan convention

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Disney placed crates with “Star Wars” references in an area of the D23 Expo highlighting new attractions. One was labeled “lightsaber assortment.” Another sported a cutout of R2-D2, giving the appearance the robot character had escaped from the box. The three-day gathering for fans ended yesterday.

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Quit teasing and build the stupid place already so you can take my money! Who do you think you are? The electric car industry?


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I just hope the cost of entry isn't $70k like the electric car industry.

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Actually regular park admission:Disney park admission is probably right about the same as regular car price:electric car price.


Nissan Leaf: Around $21,000 after tax credit.

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I doubt that, because that assumes zero options, and I don't think those cars exist.

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Disney seems afraid to pull the trigger on this.

I know attendance @ Universal plummeted when The first Harry Potter was announced .(not me I went every few months to watch it grow)

I think in Orlando we will see a new restaurant (Cantina) and a new ride/retheme of an old ride to Star Wars.

I would love them to build a whole park around Star Wars and I would be there if they did .But I do not think the people in charge will make that leap without some baby steps first.

It seems after the timeshare fiasco that got executives at Disney fired. The executives will not go out on a limb for anything (even a no brainer like a Star Wars Park)

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I don't think there's any fear. We don't know what they have planed. They just bought Lucasfilm at the end of October. I'm sure it will take a year just to plan something, let alone break ground for something.

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Disney is not exactly known for "throwing something up." They've had "Star Wars Days" for years now...

I don't think we'll see an entire park devoted to the franchise....but it's possible we might see a themed area within a park, a la Potter (I'm sure the Disney-philes would appreciate that comparison, LOL).

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