Disney teases new evening attractions at Animal Kingdom

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Members of the media gathered for a Disney showcase saw the Tree of Life Awakens – elaborate projections upon the park’s centerpiece – and a version of the park’s safari, presented in perpetual sunset mode. Those attractions, originally set to debut Friday, will now be available to guests as of Memorial Day weekend. “Rivers of Light” originally was planned to debut this Friday, but Disney recently postponed the opening of the show.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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I'm interested to see how the animals on the savanna adapt to a night running of the safari vehicles. I'm sure lots of people smarter than me have already taken those things into account and they've probably been testing at night for a while...but it is still a pretty interesting change for those animals.

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I know the lighting problem were already solved at Animal Kingdom Lodge, where they create an artificial full moon effect. Everything is still mostly visible, but animals' natural cycles are not disturbed. They're also enforcing a no flash/video lighting rule.

I'm not sure how the noise of the trucks effects things. Some of the animals are already nocturnal, and they've introduced some that are specifically more active at night. Otherwise, it'll be interesting to see what's visible and kept out along the ride.

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It won't be all of the animals. There's little question in my mind about that. I did a backstage tour (where you really start to appreciate how this is the biggest of the four parks), and I learned that many species spend the night inside. Some have more complicated routines, like the lions. There are actually two "prides" that have never met, and never occupy the main habitat at the same time. (Apparently they're worried that the bigger, oldest cat would likely kill the younger ones in the other group.)

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I've been close to this project for some time now. Really excited that Disney is finally letting parts of it out for the public to see. It's going to be a great show!

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