Disney Swapping Out Games On Toy Story Mania

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We all knew this was one of the technological selling points of the ride, but it's nice to see this sort of thing actually come into play.

Rex and Trixie's Dino Darts will replace Bo Peep’s Baaa-loon Pop in late May.

No doubt to coincide with Toy Story 3's release in June, of course.

Still be neat if they kept up and periodically updated and swapped out games like this.

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That's pretty cool. I guess I never thought about the fact that they can continually change the games.

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Definitely neat. There has been talk on some of the Disney boards of doing holiday themed games for the Halloween and Christmas seasons as well.

That is the first ride in a long time that I wanted to jump right back in line again after my first ride...and we did. (Lucked out with folks that gave us unused fastpasses.) And, it is a ride that everyone from Grandma to my 3 year old enjoyed.

We enjoyed it so much that we bought the Wii game and it is a family favorite. Changing out the games...which we thought most parks would do with the simulator attractions...is great though in all honesty I don't know that they really have to do it this early. It is still a hugely popular ride.

This is pretty cool, for with it being interactive, the game changes a bunch anyways, so, as they rotate out games, the ride literally will be different every time. Mind you, though, I've done the one at DCA a grand totl of 1 times :P

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This "ride" was soooo much fun--I know my carpol tunnel was going CRAZY when I was shooting!! Cant wait to ride again next week! :)

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The last time I moved my hand that fast was in college.


But seriously, that is a smart direction for the theme park business. I remember life without video games...and certainly without the cool video games. These kids today are familiar with technologies we didn't think possible. Finding different ways to bring that technology into the amusement park environment is likely a big part of our future.

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What a great addeition to DCA. We just went a couple weeks back and had a blast on it. The capacity isn't shabby either...the line moved continuously. And it's even fun shooshing around in the vehicles. That aspect could have been a lot more boring.

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Time to find more Easter Eggs... YAY!!

Yeah, I definitely thing TSMM should be considered an attraction, and not just a ride. As a ride it isn't much more fun that an Omnimover would be without all the of "effects". But, the whipping back and forth and a little spinning does give it a little 'extra'.

At WDW you are going to suffer if you don't get a Fastpass first thing in the morning. I think the standby lines are regularly 1 1/2 -2 hours.

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