Disney sued for alleged patent infringement over use of MagicBands

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In a patent infringement complaint filed April 22 in federal court, educationally focused InCom Corp is claiming that the Walt Disney Company has snagged a trio of its patents to track what people do and what they buy at Walt Disney World.

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I'm not a patent lawyer, but I can't see them getting any traction on this. Aside from a million issues of prior art, the application of using RFID on people instead of objects doesn't strike me as particularly novel. It seems like their entire suit is rooted in the basis of calling it an "attendance tracking system." Is that not what every ticketing system in history is? More than anything, I would describe MagicBands as identifiers used to validate entitlements. They're just numbers that are useless by themselves. The numbers have to match up to data to validate admission, reservations, hotel access, etc.

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Man, there's so much red tape involved with all this RFID technology.

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