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http://www.break.com/index/awesome-car-chase-at-disney-world.html This is pretty cool for a live show. There seems to be some debate in the comments as to where this is at. Some are saying it is a 4 year old show at Disneyland Paris and others are saying it is a new show at Disney World. Does know if Disney World has this show?
The Stunt Show was originally featured at the Paris Disneyland and was recently brought to WDW's Disney-MGM Studios.
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^Correct. That is made pretty clear at the Florida show. And it is very entertaining.

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It was just opening at WDW-MGM when we were there in Spring 2005. It is outdoors in front of football stadium bleachers. It has a very high capacity for pulling in the crowds and thus shortening some of the lines at the rides at MGM.
I was at Disney World in March and I think that if you are in one of those shorter lines everytime the show is happening and don't see it then you missed the best part of MGM Studios.

The show is awesome. Get a drink and some food and get there early for this show. It's worth the time you aren't riding to see it.

Yes they make it clear in the begining that it is a copy of the Paris show since the lady who opens the show starts by welcoming you in French and then goes on to tell you that she did so and the set looks like it does because the show is designed for the Paris park.

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^I would also add that they really pack you into the stadium, which features uncomfortable, metal bleacher-style seating (no seat backs). It is a REALLY REALLY long walk to the stadium (which was built in the back of the park near the backlot scenery tour) and it takes a REALLY long time to climb up to reach some of the seats. The stadium has a capacity to seat THOUSANDS. I can imagine that in the summer, the walk up the bleachers is uncomfortable!

My advice is to skip the show and enjoy the "lightened load" in the rest of the park, unless you are a die-hard stunt car or action film fan. If you must see the show, I suggest leaving early to avoid the inevitable bottleneck, by exiting UP the stairs and out the back of the stadium down the rear staircase. *** Edited 6/29/2007 4:34:05 PM UTC by ophthodoc***

I don't really understand why people can't sit down and enjoy shows, that are apparently world class. I would imagine the metal bleachers are uncomfortable, but do you want them to put in leather la-z-boys for every single guest, in an outdoor venue? If you have issues walking up the stairs or it is "uncomfortable" to you, then don't go, save the seat for someone else, they'll be more than happy to walk up 20-30 stairs to sit and watch a show.

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^Why don't you settle your 'ninja a**' down and realize that I might not have particularly cared for the show? If I want to sit on metal bleachers and see a good show, I'll go see a different WDW show (like Fantasmic). I'll decide what's "world class," for me, and you do the same for you.

That's one thing I really HATE about posting on here (or on the internet, for that matter) -some snotty-nosed punk is always ready to smart off.... and ya just KNOW they'd never have the guts to do it in person.
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I prefer the Walt Disney Studios version of the show to the one in Florida.

The drivers are better in Paris and the explosions are even bigger! The seating area is smaller in Paris (3000 seats), so you don't have to cook in the sun for an hour while they fill up the huge theater in Florida (5000 seats!)

Unfortunately, the Walt Disney Studios park itself is an horrible concrete slab with TWO themed spots! At least, the new "Toon Studios" section look nice and they got a brand new coaster to go with it. I just hope they don't put Crush Coaster in the Florida park... The capacity is just too low and it already cause 2-3 hours wait at the Paris park, with half the crowds of the Studios at WDW.

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