Disney sells hundreds of acres in Florida for housing development

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More chunks of the Disney empire are being sold off for housing, including a 349-acre parcel going to the developers of the massive Horizon West community in west Orange County. The new Disney land sales also include a 60-acre site south of Seidel Road that would be reserved for a new high school serving the Horizon West area. The Walt Disney Co. reportedly is selling the 349-acre site, set around Panther Lake, north of Seidel and southeast of the Orange County National Golf Center, to Centex Homes.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

I may sound crazy but im against this move for on reason. The trouble it took Walt Disney to secretly buy up this property i think that it should stay Disney property. I know they have plenty of space but for the historical aspect of Disney its kind of disheartning.
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That made zero sense what-so-ever.
Quality contribution to the topic, moosh! I comprehended what socalcoaster said and agree - although if you look at the map they show in the left column of the article, to me it looks like they are unloading a random peninsula of disney property that doesnt add significantly as a barrier or for future disney expansion... so I'm okay with it and I'm sure Walt wouldn't mind either - in fact, with property costs rising in Orlando, I'm sure he would be laughing at how much they got for that land that probably cost him $1 back in the day :)
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I aim to please, Keith ;)
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And hey, if it's outside of the we-can-do-anything improvement district, that's not all bad either.
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I think they should have built the community themselves instead of selling it. They could have even made it kind of a futuristic utopian kind of deal. THAT would have been the thing to do. ;)
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Ah... that would have been great. A whole, um, Experimental place to leave. Or even a Prototype for a Community of Tomorrow.

Now, that would have been worth having a Celebration for...

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