Disney RFID in your drinks

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Surprised this flew under the radar here so far, but Disney is rolling out a drink system at resorts replacing the unlimited refill mugs. You can now purchase mugs for one day @ $9, up to the length of your stay for $18. The cups have RFID chips in them and let you get a refill once every 15 minutes or so.

They also will update the self-serve drink stations in the parks so you can only get three refills and can't get any after a designated amount of time (I heard 2 hours after purchase.)

Because of this, all the paper cups will now have RFID in them also... and all their drink prices coincidentally just went up.


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Wait, so you're telling me I can't bring my Hersheypark souvenir mug from 9 years ago and get free refills?

On a more serious note, $18 isn't that much more than what it always was for the resort mugs (I think it was $15). The only pain now is that I often switch resorts, thus eliminating my ability to use one mug for an entire Disney vacation. Clearly they've got my number.

Well-played, Mickey. Well-played.

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I think this is interesting for two reasons.

1. Seems to me the industry trend has been toward cheaper and cheaper drink options. It's a far cry from the mid-00's and the $5 drink as the only option. I'm honestly surprised a big park/chain hasn't pulled a Holiday World and just tossed out the F-word (free) yet. Some are awfully close if you play you options correctly.

2. When Disney makes a move, people watch. Higher prices? Limits on self-serve refills? Is this a sign of the pendulum about to swing back?

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I just hope all of the laws and regulations concerning RFID cups aren't nearly as complicated as those governing RFID wristbands. I hear that can be a real bitch. Oh, wait....

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Lord Gonchar said:

I'm honestly surprised a big park/chain hasn't pulled a Holiday World and just tossed out the F-word (free) yet

Considering 16oz of carbonated sugar water is worth less than the paper cup they serve it to you in, so am I.

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I'd rather have an RFID in my drink than GHB in my drink!

I wonder when the first "RFID caused my gum cancer" lawsuit gets filed..

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I don't know about cancer, but every time I drink a soda at Disney, I pick up transmissions for Orlando Approach.

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It's so confusing when the messages from the RFID chip get mixed up with the messages I get through the fillings in my teeth.

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Man, all I wanted was a drink, and look where I wound up.

Today, whenever I visit a park, I walk in with a pocket full of Flavor Packets. I'll purchase ONE bottle of water, then refill it at the drinking fountains whenever I need to.

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That's what I love about Disney. They don't care what you bring in.

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^I feel that places like parks or movie theaters are getting more lenient about what you can bring in. My friend was allowed to bring an entire McDonalds meal into a theater recently and I've never actually been prevented from bringing in drinks either. SFNE has never had a problem with me bringing in drinks either (though I've never tried bringing food in).

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