Disney releases video of the "Not-a-queue" Dumbo queue

I really like the idea. But, I wonder what it's going to be like in that tent with all those children...


(Edited to add: whoops, hit send too soon...)

It's pretty much exactly what was rumored. Get a pager-like-substance when you enter. Goof around in the enclosed space. Pager buzzes, go get on ride (or, probably, in a very short line).

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Yeah, pretty much exactly what we suspected. Essentialy the whole line becomes a VQ wait.

Which makes it super easy to give various levels of access without pissing anyone off. :)

Trust me, it's coming...eventually.

But yeah, this is brilliant and such an obvious evolution of the queue in hindsight.

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Pretty awesome.

I wonder what the capacity of the "tent" is. Will there be a real line to get in the virtual line?

What will deter people from getting in line, like a full queue can do?

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea. I just wonder if there will be some unintended consequences.

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Yeah, the capacity of that tent sucks. They shouldn't have built it. All they are going to do is use it to sell fast passes and make money.

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Is there a more expensive tent I can wait in so I don't have to mingle with the plebes?

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There is a tent you can wait in while you wait to get into THE tent.

And I would assume the major deterrent in general has never been the actual line so much as the sign out front that says "The wait is X minutes."

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ApolloAndy said:

There is a tent you can wait in while you wait to get into THE tent.

Yo dawg, I heard you like waiting in tents. So I put a tent inside a tent so you can wait in a tent while you wait in a tent.

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Tent inception is a dangerous thing...I hope Disney knows what they're getting into.

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Excuse me, is this Tent: The Line or Tent: The Ride?

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I honestly like this a lot, except for what Gonch said about it. lol

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Why am I suddenly reminded of Kurt Vonnegut's "tent rentals" - rented a tent, a tent, a tent... ;~)

OMG! Somebody actually posted a Vonnegut reference! Thank you, sir. I believe you may be part of my wampeter...

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