Disney reassigns "Flash Mountain" workers

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Way back in 1997, a front-page story in the Los Angeles Times chronicled a scintillating Internet phenomenon involving the Anaheim theme park’s Splash Mountain log ride: Photos of women flashing their breasts at an automatic camera that snapped souvenir photographs during the final 50-foot drop were “unzip-a-dee-doo-dahing” their way around cyberspace, earning the ride the dubious nickname “Flash Mountain.” Now, flash forward to 2009. Starting in May, the Splash Mountain photo editor positions will be eliminated as part of cost-cutting measures at Disneyland.

Read more from The LA Times.

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Which means it's now safe to flash the cameras again everyone!

^ My thoughts exactly.

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Offtopic: Really makes me feel old when we consider 1997 "way back"...

Back on topic: Good.. Tired of seeing the same email forwards of the same ol' flashmountain pics, with the subject "DUDE, you are into Disney, have you seen this?" sigh.. yes.. yes I have..

Though im not sure I would like to risk my $70 single day ticket for an opportunity to pull off something that you cant really openly gloat about. Course wait a few days and a shady cast memeber may scan it on the interwebs for you, then you can gloat.

Am I the only one who wonders why this would ever make the news?

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Because publishing news is cheap, so you're left to decide for yourself what you consider newsworthy. That's the Internets!

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ridemcoaster said:
"DUDE, you are into Disney, have you seen this?"

Riiiggghht. Because you would have to be a fan of Disney to appreciate naked boobies...

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But what does Disney gain by having this published? More flashing -> higher profit? Maybe somehow that was (the missing) step 2 from the underpants gnomes scheme to make money? ;)

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^^Careful how you word that one Carrie.. That edges on a visit from Dateline NBC.. :)

Tower of Terror and Rockin' RollerCoaster at Hollywood Studios have been un-edited for months now. One less cast member you have to pay minimum wage to.

Does it count if it's man-boobs?

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Call Paul Ruben, I hear Splash Mountain is his favorite ride of all time!

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OK, Jeff, now I need to go buy some brain bleach to try to get that visual out of my mind.

--George H

Jeff: I wasn't clear. What I was really thinking was, "If I were Disney, I think I would keep this one a secret." Just so that some reporter doesn't make a big deal about it and make some idiots think it gives them license to do un-Disney-like things on the ride...

Not that it is really *possible* for a company like Disney to keep stuff secret...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Disney Could have used this as a dual attraction promotion attempt:

"When you finish riding Splash Mountain, take stroll over to see Captain Jack Sparrow."

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