Disney ready to make a Tower of Terror movie

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Armed with a treatment by Big Fish scribe John August, Disney is now looking to hire a screenwriter to give feature treatment to Tower Of Terror, long one of the most popular rides in its theme parks. Jim Whitaker is producing this with August, after he and the A-list writer hatched an idea based on the theme park attraction and the studio sparked to their vision.

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So, Kirsten Dunst has been forgotten already? It's not even a completely terrible movie. At least on par with Haunted Mansion.

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Yeah, but it was made for TV, and is about 20 years old already.

I wonder if Disney had to do any waiting while the 911 terrorist attacks became less newsworthy. I wonder if they cringed every time they saw the slogan "Never Forget."

The question is, can they find the same kind of success with this franchise as they did with Pirates of the Caribbean? That's probably wha they are looking for.

I don't see a director listed in then article. This sounds like a job for Tim Burton!

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Wait, so you guys saw the TV show? And Kirsten was in it?

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Steve Guttenberg had to do something when Police Academy dried up. I think the Stone Cutters sorted this one out for him.

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Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I saw it on Disney Channel. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember thinking that I liked it. I didn't know who Kristin Dunst was back then, so I didn't know that was her when I saw it. Reading the synopsis on IMDB makes it sound completely stupid.

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I don't see any way for Disney to pull off a horror movie. And turning it into a comedy or something has the making for a flop written all over it. Tomorrowland was neither a critical nor box office juggernaut, it was just meh in both categories. Pirates of the Caribbean gave them a lot more to work with and be creative with, and it's fun and pirate themed which is a subject already in Disney's wheelhouse, and owes to its success.

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I loved Tommorowland. I thought it was brilliant, but they did an awful job of selling it. No one understood who it was for. The big monologue of the Hugh Laurie character near the end was perfect.

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bjames said:

I don't see any way for Disney to pull off a horror movie.

It's at Warners, so Disney doesn't seem to be involved in the movie, which seems odd, since the movie is inspired by a ride at a Disney park. But I agree, a Tower of Terror movie should be a "haunted house" movie, not a comic escapade.

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