Disney previews new Coronado Springs tower

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From Disney Parks Blog:

Last year, we announced a massive expansion of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort set to debut next summer at Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we’re excited to share more details about the reimagining of this popular resort hotel, including some new renderings that show off how beautiful it’s going to look when completed.

Read more and see the renderings from Disney Parks Blog.

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This one and Port Orleans I think are the only hotels I've never been in (well, All-Star, but who cares about those :)). I hear the pool is epic.

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The Mayan Pyramid pool is pretty awesome. It's no Stormalong Bay, or even the Luna Park pool at Boardwalk, but for a moderate resort pool, it's very awesome. We had a very similar pool at our resort in the Riviera Maya a few years back - in fact, out whole resort was very reminiscent of Coronado Springs, which I guess is the point.

I haven't stayed, or even visited Coronado since 2009, though.

I’ve stayed at Coronado more than any other resort at WDW over the years. Of the moderates, it is by far my favorite and I agree that the pool complex even before the current renovations is pretty cool.

I think people over play the “convention” aspect of the resort; still, plenty of families are around and about and the conventioneers stay in the convention center during the day for the most part.

This past spring, I was able to stay in one of the newly renovated rooms and I love the improvements that they have made. If you are a Disney purest and want some “magical” touches peppered throughout your hotel room, you will likely be disappointed. The new rooms are definitely more modern with more business class hotel design elements than any other resort at WDW. I’m a Hilton/Hyatt kind of hotel guy so I love the newly designed Coronado rooms.

The World Waterpark Association (the IAAPA of waterparks) annual convention is being held there next October (2019) so I can’t wait to check out the new tower and the new amenities the resort offers for conventioneers. It’s been years since I have attended a convention there and I remember it being just ok; but the fact you were attending a convention at WDW made up for it.

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Coronado was my favorite resort until I started staying Deluxe. Coronado is the most deluxe of the moderates, and has a lot of deluxe amenities, it just doesn’t have the location.

I have stayed at Coronado a few times now for vacation and some business conferences. I get that it's replicating the desert, but the lack of trees was brutal. I suspect the conference business is what's driving this tower addition. The whole place feels more like a conference center rather than a resort. As far as the moderate hotels go, I'll always prefer Port Orleans, Riverside or French Quarter.

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...it just doesn’t have the location.

Unless you camp out at the MK your entire trip, I don't think the location is all that bad.

I typically end up at Epcot at night at after Illuminations I stroll over to the Boardwalk and Uber it back to Coronado. Its a few minute ($5-$8 Uber) ride. AK and HS aren't that far as well; it's really just the MK (I might be bias as I don't travel to WDW with kids so my time at MK is limited, especially at night).

The other nice thing about CS is despite there being (I think 4) bus "stops" within the resort, CS doesn't share bus service with any other resorts, even during the slow seasons. So while you may have to wait a few stops within the resort, they go by very quickly and it doesn't feel as painful as Caribbean Beach for example or even the Boardwalk resorts who during the slow season share bus service between Boardwalk/Beach/Yacht/Swan and Dolphin.

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I actually am in the minority of WDW fans, and I really spend hardly any time at MK. My 2nd trip this year, we vowed to not even set foot inside, but we went for Magic Hours from 11P-1A because I love seeing it lit up.

MK is my least favorite out of all the US Disney Parks - and I spend most of my time at Epcot - and I've taken a liking to Animal Kingdom at night time. (and who doesn't love Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Strip lit up at HS) So, Boardwalk is my resort of choice. Yacht Club would be 2nd, and I love it, but not the way I love Boardwalk. I know it's right there, but there is just something super special about the Boardwalk Inn and Villas that we can't get enough of. I mean, Coronado is so close to the Boardwalk that you could theoretically walk it if you were feeling adventurous, but it's obviously not meant to be walked. And I have this strange thing with getting into other people's vehicles - just not a fan of that lol

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If you're a grownup traveling without kids, I don't think any location beats the Beach/Yacht Club and Boardwalk. Walking into World Showcase is epic when you end up doing a lot of dinner reservations there. It's not a terrible walk to DHS, but they have the boats and soon the gondolas as well.

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Or, if you’ve got a kid that loves epcot as much as the grown-ups do, it works out as well.

That whole location is the best on property, in my opinion. We can’t get enough.

Though l will be in a Savanna View Villa in a few weeks for a few nights, and I’m sure I will enjoy that - though not nearly as much because the location is nothing like BW

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