Disney preps Cinderella Castle for overnight stay by contest winners

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Of all the prizes Disney is giving away in its big, 15-month "Year of a Million Dreams" campaign, perhaps none is more tantalizing than a night in Cinderella Castle, the signature icon of the Magic Kingdom. The plan to give away stays in the Royal Suite of the Cinderella Castle provided a challenge: The suite never existed. There is a roughed-in living space halfway up the castle, which was once envisioned as the Disney family apartment. But it had never been finished.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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"Do they have television? I mean, what is there to do up there, for kids?" she asked.

That's kinda sad.

The suite, he said, will come with a "traditional" big, flat-screen, high-definition TV.

What about a "traditional" 17th century X-Box to go along with that TV?!?!? ;-)

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Wow. They need a TV... "Only in America." (rolling my eyes)
I thought at one time Michael Jackson had a suite in the castle. Is that just an unfounded rumor?
^ Unfounded and absolutely freakin' terrifying.
What, no Gus? I'd want singing mice, goshdarnit!

You want TV? Well bippity-boppity-freakin'-boo!

I always thought it would be cool if the castle would have been used as a observation tower of some sort. It looks so nice just for you to just walk through the middle of it. The biggest most well known icon of Disney World and Land doesn't do much.
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It would be nice if you could at least tour it, but I'm guessing there isn't much to see considering it's never been opened to the guests like that. Yes, it's a shame it doesn't "do" more.
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^^ I used to think about that too Gomez. I always wanted to go all the way to the top of the tallest tower in the Castle!
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They do have the restaurant up near the top of the castle. We ate in there twice, its very nice.

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