Disney parks have many secrets guests may never see

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An ABCnews report looks at some of the more of obscure features of the Disney theme parks, including a private club and sucking garbage chutes.

Read more from ABCnews.

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And what about that fabulous stage show where Paula Abdul plays Belle and Corey Clark dressed up like the Beast and...




That was differnet exclusive form ABC.

Never mind.

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Obviously, since Disney owns ABC (or is it vice versa?) you aren't going to hear any real negative things behing said about the park. Just a few facts from the park here & there that are interesting.

If you really want the dirt on Disney what goes on behind the doors...
Mouse Tales: A Behind-The-Ears Look at Disneyland
More Mouse Tails: A Closer Peep Backstage at Disneyland

I highly suggest one of the boos listed above. It gives you the inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes at the park including the guests, attractions, rules, accidents... etc.

That really tells the truth what happens at the most wonderful place in the world... unlike this light-hearted ABC point-of-view.*** This post was edited by DawgByte II 5/4/2005 11:57:21 AM ***

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Disney owns ABC, ESPN, all the Disney channels, History Channel, and A&E (I think). They also are part owners in (but not for very much longer) Miramax, they own Touchstone and use it as a secondary release house. Disney also owns an extensive radio and book network that I don't even want to imagine how big it is.

Disne has it's own line of "history" that it likes to push.

All of Disney's Holdings...Shows just how poweful the company can get, and why we hear very little bad PR about the parks.


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I always thought that Kentucky Prairie Farmer magazine had a pro-Disney slant. Now my hypothesis has been proved.
Wonder if they use LIM's to run the trash? ;)
Only when they add loops.

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