Disney over Texas, I mean Six Flags. 5/29-6/1

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Ok well my dad took my sister along on his business trip since we were off school for the summer and he works down the road from SFOT, so what better thing to do than catch the trolly every morning to go to Six Flags.

My advice if you are ever planning on going to Six Flags here is stay in one of the hotels that offers the Trolley service. Why I say this is because sitting in the back portion of the Trolley gives incredible air time. Very fun and it seems like it is kind of dangerous.

Now on to the park the first day my sister and I's goal was Mr. Freeze. Unfortunatley the first two hours of park operation was closed due to severe weather. The Trolley people stayed under the gas station in the parking lot until the park opened. So we get there and its empty, so hooray! We head straight to Mr. Freeze but it is closed for a few minutes, so off to Batman the Ride and of course it is also empty, so we got first train of the day in the front. It seemed like it was running extremely fast and was just awsome.

After the ride we decided to go and try Mr. Freeze, but the line was about 30 people long and so we just decided to go get on Judge Roy Scream which was one of my favorites. We get there and there is a couple waiting for the front so we just get in the back. Honestly last year it was one of my favorite woodies, but it was just kind of lame. We got to ride three times straight twice in the very back and then once in the 2nd row. The first hill after the drop gave a little air in the 2nd row but the rest of the ride was on the lame side.

Next off to Mr. Freeze we go straight into the wait and it was a one car wait. We get on and rode it in the second to last row. We rode it twice in a row becuase they closed off the right side after we got in and got to ride twice. We got off and went to the left side and rode in the front. My opinion of the ride was it seemed to be a little on the rough side, but in overall Ok ride. One plus is the new color scheme which looks very nice.

To get some more credits we rode Mine Train and Mini Mine Train they both were ok and a little jerky at times, but just for credit rides.

Then my first awsome suprise of the day, Runaway Mountain, the theming couldnt of been any funnier but the ride was just plain awsome. I was just expecting another Mayan Mindbender(Six Flags Astroworld) This thing was fast in pitch darkness, fast, air time in parts but just plain fun.

After that great suprise another suprise, Shockwave, I am a huge fan of Antons genius but I never thought won would enter my top 5 steels but, this thing was an air time machine and was just awsome. The first turnaround after the break run had crazy airtime. So my sister and I were just so confused and there wasnt a line so we had to make sure this thing was for-real. We stayed on and gave ourselves a nice 2 inches of lapbar room(very irresponsible but it was for the sake of science) I got so much air I have a bruise on my shin from the bottom bar. This ride is great and I would suggest that everybody rides this at one point.

We made our way to Titan and La Vibora and found out that some of it got flooded or something and was down for the day.

The next day we went straight to Titan and got 5 consecutive rides on it and of course it was great, but after the air time hill it was just an Ok coaster.

La Vibora was really fun except to when you got to the block breaks and you get thrown all about the car.

Already haven ridden Flashback and Texas Giant I decided not to ride either. My sister was being stubborn and wanted to ride Texas Giant so I let her and told her how to ride defensively and put her on a good seat or at least looked for the one that wouldnt beat her to death. She came back all happy and said it was great and it looked actually better than last year. The first banked hill doesnt sway anymore. She said the roughest part was the last two bunny hills, she said that it wasnt AS BAD not good but I was happy she wasnt in pain.

The Flats. I was dissapointed with the lack of them here. We rode the Rocket Ship Inverter Swing twice. The Conquistador twice. Superman the Power Tower once, I really thought that all of them shot up and dropped down, even though I am not a big fan of S & S Power towers. Also I noticed that on the restraints there is the logo of S & S. We rode Yosemite Sam's Treasure Boat Ride or something or another very bad, poorly put together and even a little kid behind us said that this ride was very badly done, we rode it 4 times to relax every once in a while. We rode the Scrambler near Titan once and it made me sick.

One problem at the park was the people. I know some people have kids and try to get them on rides but when your kid is a foot in a half too short to ride a ride please dont try to get them on. We had this one lady bring her kids who were probably just barely 40 inches try to get on Mr. Freeze the train was dispatched empty. Next in line for Runaway Mountain a church camp started yelling profanity in line and a few of the older ladies we were standing in between gave them a yelling at. The last problem was over near Superman the Power Tower, where a bunch of kids were asking for change. That just made me mad because their parents should give them some money so they dont have to beg and it really brought down the park atmosphere. Later crossing back over near that area I saw a security officer walking them towards the front of the park. HIGH FIVE SIX FLAGS.

Six Flags Problems: The park needed some paint but, it was kind of nice in a way where it wasnt like they park was falling apart. Next was the Disney thing. Over near the Oil Derrick(which I actually rode to overcome my fear of Heights) There was a raffle for a free Disney trip. That wasnt so bad but what was next was just like What is Six Flags thinking, the store over there was selling Disney shirts and appereal. I was so confused. Third talking about the shops we stopped in 3 stores to find a Six Flags shirt for my sister and none of them had a single thing that had anything to do with Six Flags. Finally on a more funny note. The new Six Flags or maybe just SFOT thing was "You are here" and all around the park it said "You are here" and underneath that it said "Great..so and so" Well one of them said "Great Food" and after eating there I just couldnt help myself from laughing. Also the Six Flags Parade was pretty wierd and the floats looked like my high school homecoming floats.

Coaster Count

Titan 7, Shockwave 4, Runaway Mountain 3, Mr. Freeze 4, Batman the Ride 1, Mini Mine Train 2, Mine Train 1, Judge Roy Scream 6. The totals arent a lot but we werent crazy about doing everything a million times. Even though our longest wait was 10 minutes and it was weekends we just dont go for lap after lap.

This was probably my best trip to any Six Flags parks ever. Sorry for being so long and I hope you enjoyed everything. My next trip report will be Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Any questions just ask and I will try to anwser them as best as possible. Pictures on my myspace page under Six Flags over Texas.

Also the new stuff is what now is Aquaman I heard from somebody that it was different last year, so it looks like Six Flags is going for the DC Comic people. It looked kind of cheesy and also Mr. Freeze which looks very good next to Batman the Ride. Also the shows dont start until June 16th so that was bummer and there new show is going to be some Circe de Soule thing.*** Edited 6/2/2007 3:05:06 AM UTC by Audioslaved*** *** Edited 6/2/2007 3:10:15 AM UTC by Audioslaved***

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Good trip reprot I can't wait to try out Mr. Freeze this summer at SFSTl. Hopefully it's open.
About the Disney thing. Six Flags was probably paid alot of money for them to promot Disney like that. Anything to pay off that debt load through Six Flags eyes.
I guess so but, it still seems kind of wierd that there was more Disney stuff than Six flags in the store.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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Glad you had a nice time. My gf and I were there two years ago on a really busy day and had a great time. We loved the park except for superhero area, long lines and line jumping. We overlooked Runaway Mountain which is too bad, have only heard good things about it since being there.

What was with all the bolding of the ride names? It's kind of like capitalizing everything. Anyway, I totally agree that the trolley service is awesome, as that's what the Coaster Zombies did on our 2002 stay.

By the way, it's spelled Cirque du Soleil. I'm just being snotty because I worked for them on a tour stop and happen to like the productions a lot. Feel free to spell everything else wrong:)

^I like the bolding. It really helps reading the trip report with bolding. I was just at the park two weeks ago, and I had a wonderful time also. I totally and utterly agree that the Runaway Mountain ride is awesome. That was my surprise coaster at that park. I had a feeling that Shockwave was going to be fun along with La Vibrobra, but Runaway Mountain!!

Hey, why not email guest relations about the paint. I did. Maybe, we could get them to paint some rides such as BTR, Shockwave's rails, and La Vibrobra. That Inverter is actually an Intamin Space Shuttle themed Acme Rock N Rocket. I hate the fact that it's hard to get any shirts with roller coasters on them at that park (or any SF park) after a year or two that a particular roller coaster opened. I can't get a Mr. Freeze shirt because it opened probably 7-8 years ago.

Texas Giant in my opinion is the roughest coaster I've been on. I've been on Ninja at SFStL, Ninja at SFOG, The Boss at SFStL, Magnum at Cedar Point, and Texas Giant is just in it's own category of roughest ride in my opinion. I haven't been on Psyclone at SFMM (It wasn't open the time I went.), but how bad was that? You never hear Texas Giant is a piece of junk.

^This reflects the overwhelming bias towards Cedar Point on this site (not that that's a bad thing of course).

It shouldn't come as much surprise that TG is the 'roughest coaster' you've been on. Although I've never ridden it, it is one of those Dinn-Summers monstrosities that probably looks much better than it rides. While I wouldn't necessarily call Mean Streak (I think that's what you meant, although Maggie can give rough rides on occasion) the "roughest ride" I've ever been on, one only has to compare the design of the two coasters to imagine that the ride is going to be about the same.

I am not so sure what the reason for the bolding was but, I am not a fan of Curtis Summers. I havent ridden one that I didnt find rough. Sorry for the spelling errors.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

ophthodoc said:
^This reflects the overwhelming bias towards Cedar Point on this site (not that that's a bad thing of course).

It shouldn't come as much surprise that TG is the 'roughest coaster' you've been on. Although I've never ridden it, it is one of those Dinn-Summers monstrosities that probably looks much better than it rides. While I wouldn't necessarily call Mean Streak (I think that's what you meant, although Maggie can give rough rides on occasion) the "roughest ride" I've ever been on, one only has to compare the design of the two coasters to imagine that the ride is going to be about the same.

I was actually talking about Magnum at CP. I don't find Mean Streak rough at all. I find it boring. Maybe, it's because it had the trims on. I don't know. There are plenty of SF roller coasters I love. I love Goliath at SFOG (Not SFMM), Mind Bender, BTR's, Deja Vu, X, Riddler's Revenge, Scream!, Collossus, Road Runner Express, Judge Roy Scream, Whizzer, Shockwave, Superman Ultimate Flight, Mine Trains at SFStL, SFOT, & SFOG, Demon, Georgia Scorcher, Georgia Cyclone, Great American Scream Machine (SFStL), Screamin' Eagle, Mr. Freeze, and so on.

It's just that some SF coasters like what I mentioned are horrible in my opinon. At CP, I thought more coasters were boring than rough like Iron Dragon (I can't compare to the wonderful Ninja at SFMM), Mean Streak, or Cedar Creek Mine Train. Disaster Transport is iffy.

While I'm on the topic of CP, the one thing I like that they do is with there flats. They have a Tilt-A-Whirl (I didn't realize that they did have one.), a Chaos (SF took them out.), Himilaya (It's old, but they have it.), a Flying Bobs ride (Matterhorn), and of course they have just gotten the new rides called Max Air, and Sky Hawk. I don't think that all there flats are "great", but I think that some of them are which is hard to find at a SF park. I shall see how SFA runs there Alpine Bobs. I'll keep my fingers crossed. "Backwards and forward!!"

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Mean Streak and Texas Giant hurt me plenty good, I wont ride either ever again.

Here some pictures from me of the park.


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