Disney opening three parks for 24 hours on May 24

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Disney announced Thursday night that it's going to keep three of its theme parks open for 24 hours on May 24 to kick off Memorial Day weekend.

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I went to the 24-hour event last year. The Magic Kingdom was dead prior to its opening as well as during the event's final hours, but from regular close until around 3 AM, that place was completely mobbed. I barely rode anything for hours because the lines were so long.

It was a great time, but I did it once already. I don't think I'm gonna give it a shot this year. It is a lot of fun, though, and if you can go the distance, it's cool being in the parks at those hours.

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The Anaheim event was a nightmare from what I've heard. Traffic was backed up in both directions on the I5 for hours, parking became a serious issue right off the bat, and there were reports that they were still selling tickets after they had closed the gates due to capacity. They had underestimated the number of employees that was needed, and when management finally realized this, found that the people that they called in couldn't get there due to the gridlock on both the freeways and the surface streets. Let's hope that they thought this thing through a little better this time.

Yeah, leap day was crazy at Disneyland. After all the locals got off work, it was madness. My group pretty much hung out in the 'shoe all night and watched all of the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies performances. If you've never seen their show, you're missing out.

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You wanna know what I would do if I was near Disney during May 24? Go to the nearest large theme park other than Disney. It probably will be a ghost town.

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Of course the non-Disney parks will be a ghost town. They'll all be closed at 3 AM.

I know you meant during the day, but honestly, the WDW parks weren't any more crowded during the day at last year's event than they usually are that time of year. I don't think Memorial Day weekend will be any more crowded this year than it usually is either, especially with three parks being open twenty-four hours instead of just one. I wish they would have done that last year to mitigate the crowds, but it was still a great time.

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