Disney On Ice - The Not So Incredibles

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This is not you typical trip report as it was to a theme park / character based ice show instead of to a park, but here goes...

Let me start out by saying that I LOVED the original Incredibles movie. It had action, yuks and heart. It was one movie that my seven year old son, my wife, my dad and I all walked out of the theatre saying "Wow, that was great."

The premise of this ice show was that the Parr family was going to a Disneyowrld vacation. They are attempting to enjoy the park without drawing attention to themselves as they are "supers." Eventually Simrone (The villian) captures Mickey and Minnie and the Incredibles (& Frozone) have to save the day.

Along the way, they interact and inevidably damagey many of the rides in the park. THe train ride (Which in real life suffered an accident) was actually people skating holding boxes (the cars). Mr. Incredible destroys the ride, thinking the special effects were actually real. On "It's a Small word," Jack Jack the baby, gets caught on an animatronic ferris wheel, so Mr. Incredible gets out of the ride and slows it down. The sound effects are similar to a phonograph record playing at a slower speed. Another ride tie - in was the Pirates of the carribean. Which...wasn't impressive. There was also a tea cup scene. The last song was the theme from the Tiki Tiki Room.

The family did not turn into the Incredibles until 20 minutes before the show ended. They were stranded in the wardrobe department waiting for Edna to make their suits. You can never fight crime without a proper tailor.

In bewtween was the traditional Disney Intermission so that you could shell out more dollars for plastic crap.

I have been to a few of the Disney Ice shows. Some of them, particularly the one with Peter Pan are quite good.

This was the worst piece of trash I ever saw. My son was bored and my wife and I kept looking at each other saying "When is it going to end."

Fro-Zone tripped during his second scene (It's live and that happens) but the show was like watching a commercial for the theme park. Even the host DJ - mentioned that there were special events happening for the 50th anniversary and that we all should visit the park.

We saw this performance at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island.

Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert!

Mickey and Minnie get out ok.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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